Disgusting & Gagworthy Cyst, Not! Patience Required. for Payoff.

Rank amateurs try to deal with a good sized Cyst on a Gentleman’s back in a absolutely gorgeous bathroom. The se**ZIT** starts flying at 3:33 minutes in, so skip to that if you don’t want to watch the struggle of a Man’s fingers trying to puncture through the skin with just an x-acto blade. The annoying camera person is being bossy and annoying with the fake gagging noises but at least she remains focused and up close.

Your extreme patience pays off as the pus flies. Extra bonus to be included in our comments section!

Disgusting cyst drainage – gagworthy,
Jason W, Published on Oct 13, 2014
Run Time: 7:27

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  • Buy a handle for the blade! They cost next to nothing. A size nine cyst can’t be squeezed through a size two hole. I know they “don’t want to hurt the patient” but here’s the thing. A clean incision will heal much faster than the bruising caused by excessive squeezing. If you don’t get the sack, it will come back. Also, squeeze up and out, not down and in. If its not sutured, a steri-strip will close the incision. Or duct tape.

    A lot of videos have people gagging. I think its a natural reflex. Just remember, better out than in. That excrement has got to go. She was dead wrong a few times, but right on in others, as we all once were. I think the lady showed great courage in the face of the unknown. And isn’t that why we’re all here; to beat back our fears by informing ourselves of that undiscovered domain?

  • Man, there was plenty of pressure in that cyst, and between not opening it properly and squeezing it shut with too-high squeezes, I think they forced as much fluid back into the surrounding tissue as they squeezed out!

    I never thought I’d quote the man, but: Make a bigger hole! I want ALL that junk outta there!

    • I swear I was thinking the exact same thing. “Make a bigger hole! Make a bigger hole!” Is immediately what went through my mind while I was watching. In the long run, it will hurt less and like Zoulee said, it will also heal faster. **ZIT** really, what are they afraid of? Just cut him man, make a bigger hole! (lmao).

  • I needed a couple of valium after I had finished swearing and raging at the monitor. We should have an “how to, and how not to” section on cysts. My wife thought I was swearing at some unwanted telephone sales person. Cost me a very large box of her favourite chocolates, and a large portion of humble pie for me!! “MY BRAIN HURTS”… Time for a large “Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, with a slice of lemon wrapped around a very large gold brick” (Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy)

  • Pop Quiz!
    1- how many of Us (myself included) often find themself tightly squeezing thier phone, tablet or whatever – as if to “Help” the Popper who obviously needs our collective help?
    ~ come on now, show of hands please!

    2- and how many of Us (myself included) often find themself twisting & turning & re-angling thier phone, tablet or whatever – as if to “Help” the person behind the camera to get a better view/footage of the Event?
    ~ okay show of hands again – and that goes for all you people in the back – i see you trying to hide back there! We don’t judge here, we strive to encourage, right? Yea, Yea for Us!

    3- last question (I promise!) who among this wonderful group of like-minded individuals has verbally coached, yelled, screeched, instructed, directed, advised or educated the popper, popper, film crew – all in the cause of **ZIT**isting others in producing finer, thicker, longer, chunkier, oozier, stringier, slimier, more colorful & copious amounts of what gives us all kinds of entertainment & excitement?
    ~ i’m not even ask for a show of hands because I can’t raise mine – I’ve totally worn mine out writing all this mindless drivel!
    ~ ~ have a good night Y’All! ~

    • Gaaaah! Yes! My whole body tenses and with teeth clenched I just want to “make a bigger hole!” To quote a fan fave. And when the camera drifts away from the target, I angle the iPad to bring it back- drives me so crazy! lol

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