elbow blast


great pressure behind this squirt.  not much to see after.

YT Poster: Isaias Santos

Run Time: 2:08

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  • I don’t post on here but I am tonight. Does anyone else get attacked on here by malware? Seems like any video I click on to play my anti-virus software pops up and alerts to an attack. What’s going on here?

    • I never had a problem with any of the content (the PTZ videos), the embedded ads, or the primary ad links. But, as I’m sure you know, some of the secondary ad links are sketchy and I wouldn’t ever click on a tertiary ad link. I mean, if it isn’t right there on the first click, you gotta know they are leading you into a dark alley for no good reason.

    • What flavor of anti-virus software are you using. Please be specific: vendor, application, edition, and version; like AVG Internet Security 2014, Trial, 2014.0.4745. Thanks.

      • Izzy, it souod be a false positive, it would help to know what brand software you are using?

        If you go to there web site and look in the Faq, help, forums you should find the answer if it is a false positive. I run Eset and others on different Desktops, never had a alert from adds.

      • Norton 360. I’ve used this software brand for years, update it religiously. It catches the malware ads but I don’t even have to click on the ads and they will try to attack my computer. I don’t have this problem with any other site I visit on a regular basis. Just wondering why this site?
        Thanks for your concern!

  • Great post but I can’t stop thinking about how dirty the conditions were. And I just ktnow that they didn’t clean up after the procedure. I have this feeling that he blood and puss on the tablecloth are still there I bet. The countertop where some of the blood and puss plug flew is still sticky and a potentially infectious surface. YUCH!!! But, like I said earlier, it was a good pop!! LOL!! Thanks for sharing with us!

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