Have Mercy!!

Dialogue is not to be missed including the kitty meowing.

YT Poster: Kimberly Gach**ZIT**in
Run Time: 4:43

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  • Ugh. Great opportunity messed up by motion sickness filming in portrait mode (really can’t understand why some people don’t understand how to hold their phones for filming), and her filming alone!

  • For pity’s sake! S**ZIT**e some nickels together and get Grandma to urgent care! Get it properly drained, irrigated and packed…plus antibiotics! Fleck in’ hillbillies !

  • There was one nice shot of pus that came out! Also, there was one “not so nice” camera shot when she was showing the grandma the stuff that came out, and the camera was pointed in the wrong direction!!

    But you could see the nice hole in the abscess that all of the blood, pus, and crud came out of!

    Pretty decent find though tamar!!

  • So, let us review: It takes two hands to get the goop out. You need a bigger hole. Don’t wait until the zit goes critical, pop it early, pop it often, Hold thy iPhone sideways. Always respect the dignity of the patient. Most people can’t frame a shot and pop a zit at the same time; get another set of hands for the camera.

  • Ok a few thoughts:
    1. GLOVES
    2. Why not bring the whole paper towel roll and a small sack for garbage with you, instead of running back and forth.
    3. Have someone else do the camera work. Less shaky cam, and no “granny flash”.

  • An absolutely awesome infected cyst draining totally ruined by the amateur filming… **smh in disgust**… I hope Grandma has been to have that monster professionally drained by now as something like that has the potential to become very serious in the elderly… And please, honey, PLEASE don’t film Grandma’s undergarments like that, give her some dignity… However, it’s still an amazing find Tamar, so thank you and well done!!

  • Yep, poor granny has one nasty infection going on! I pray she gets medical treatment, antibiotics would really do her some good right now! This was an excellent video! We haven’t had a good one like this in some time now! Although, I submitted a really good one about a month ago and I think it got LOST IN SPACE! I never saw it posted and never heard anything from anyone?! IDK, maybe I have the wrong name or something, I only see posts from a select few anymore! Anyway, I think granny’s caregiver did the best she could with what she had, as far as the video taping goes! And let’s not forget to say thanks for taking the time to record this and post it for all of us to see! Complaining about how poor it is certainly doesn’t encourage her to post anything more, like any follow-up videos …….just sayin! Watching these videos is a privilege, not a right!

    • I kinda don’t think that the Posters of these videos posted originally on the youtube are aware that we are reposting them here, maybe they do … none the less it is kinder to be gentle with criticism. Your point that it is a real privilege to watch these amazing and highly personal videos is well taken!

  • Something that bad needs to be taken care of in sterile conditions, never mind the terrible filming. Really – was it necessary to film the walk to the trash can? What a way to bring even more bacteria to the scene. Don’t y’all have Obama care?

    • Granny wouldn’t even need Obamacare! She’s got Medicare and if her income is very low, she would also qualify for Medicaid, which together would cover her 100%. In this case though, an infection like that, in someone her age, could be fatal. I’m not even being dramatic. In someone elderly, an infection could go from bad to dead in a span of days!

  • Yeeeee**ZIT**ss!
    This is exactly the kind of thing a granny would just live with. It must have been messing up her clothes and sheets for ages, but it’s not worth doctoring or causing a fuss over. It’s good the stars aligned and someone was around to help and she was willing/able to ask for/get help with it.
    Now that the ice had been broken, they can tend to it and get it dried up, healed up. Grannies don’t do urgent care and the don’t make a doctor’s appointment for a blemish. That’s not how grannies roll.

  • Great find, Tamar!!! Granny was definitely a trooper! I became frustrated with the caregiver when she was saying OMG and granny wanted to know why she said that, but the caregiver didn’t respond. I love the elderly and was a nursing **ZIT**istant for years. Then I became disabled so now I’m on the other side of the coin and let me just say that we (the patients) want to know what is going on with our bodies! So please answer our questions. Also, in this situation I strongly feel that the shot of her chest should have been cut out of the video by the original person recording this awesome abscess. I can imagine how I would feel if someone recorded me in a moment of partial undress and then posted it online for the world to see…I would be mortified!!! Anyways, that’s my two cents. I really enjoyed the abscess part of this video. Thanks again Tamar for taking the time to find this for all of us to enjoy!!! 🙂

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