my aunts 100 year old black head.

very oddly satisfying!!

YT Poster: Malcolm Yazza
Run Time: 4:29

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  • You know, I always did hate that about the people in these video’s… They say something about how gross it is, with all the **ZIT**ociated sounds and comments, and someone says make sure not to get it on your hands or whatever…

    And the idiots that are popping the zit/cyst/abscess/blackhead/whatever is only wearing one glove, and then at some point, will get the goo on the one hand that is not wearing the glove, which the other people in the room point out to them!!

    This makes me want to reach through the monitor and slap the crud out of them!! They knew it was going to be bad enough that they put on the one glove, so why on **ZIT**s Green Earth did they think that not wearing the other glove was going to save the other hand from getting dirty? That is almost like saying if you put a small hole into a cyst the size of a golf ball, it will only take a second or 2 to get rid of it, and it will only take a single Kleenex to wipe up, and it will not hurt!!

    Yea Right!!

    Wear 2 gloves ya morons!!!

    Ok, I will shut up and get off my high horse now!!

    Thanks for your time!!

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