nasty blackhead in slow motion!

triple view in slow motion!
YT Poster: dr cyst
Run Time: 0:51

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    • Yeah, you get those from irritation. I think a few capillaries burst and a cavity gets filled with the blood, but infection does not set in. I used to get them quite often. If they are deep enough, you get really loud pops, and quite often the blood sprays onto your face (as a nice mist).

      This is one of my favorites because of the pop; I have the original in my list. I don’t think it was that loud – he obviously has the mike cranked way up, because you can hear his breathing.

      Could somebody explain this “we will pay you for this” **ZIT** we’ve seen lately in the reposts? Are people *really* making money reposting these things, or is it some sort of pyramid scan they’ve fallen for?

      • I think its kinda like how this site used to (or maybe still does?) pay $20 or whatever if you submitted a decent video. There are some youtube channels that the poster gets paid every time somebody watches the video. Since I don’t know where else to put this, I also want to add that I really dislike the amount of ads on here now. They got to the point that I stopped coming here because it was so annoying. I thought I’d come by to see if anything had changed. It seems there are now just as many ads as ever. I understand trying to support the site and possibly make a little money in the process, but ad overkill results in less traffic, which results in less funding.

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