nasty fruncle removal

nose cyst

YT Poster: Rambo Rõuges

Run Time: 4:00

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  • Excellent. Delightful.
    Something fresh and new. Exciting. The timing and camera work are perfect.

    Hey, Tull! An old-timer likes you knows that every MRSA is a staph infection, but not every staph infection is MRSA.
    I’m on a campaign for proper use of the term MRSA. I’m worried that society will start calling every stanky bubble of pus MRSA and some people thinking it means every pus chunk is a harbinger of death, and other people saying MRSA isn’t dangerous at all because they know someone who survived a squishy comodone they mistakenly called MRSA.

  • This is the best ‘How Not To’ video I’ve seen in a long time.

    That’s a sebaceous sack. First off, the cyst wall is a calcified membrane with substantial structural integrity allowing it to be separated from the vascular root by tension alone; a tough bag filled with goop. A infectious plug is composed of hematic fibrin, spongy and cohesive; a blob of jello. You can also tell by the color, the cyst wall is a cloudy translucent white trough which you can visualize the contents. A puss plug is opaque and of consistent color throughout.

    Yo, bro! You have literally cut off part of your nose at the expense of your face. Either learn how to use an x-acto knife, or go to the doctors’. A pin can only make a pin-point puncture. I’ve heard the experts recommend an incision at least one-third of the diameter of the cyst, and these are the guys who spend the next five minutes teasing the cyst free with blunt dissection.

    • Agree. There clear was a passing of time there after he attacked it with the lancet. Infection had set in due to his lack of gloves.

      Poor fella is probably maimed… but he is young. You can always hope for the best. The impression at the ending was fun too.

  • My man, cutting chunks off your nose, and holding it up in a pair of tweezers’, Balls of steel. Mind you, that hole could have been used for landfill of garbage, not so cool. We, in dear old England, may be doing the same kind of thing in the future, if David Cameron keeps killing off the NHS. Great video none the less.

  • At least he used medicinal quality vodka. It was a sebaceous sac as mentioned in the comments. Not the way to remove it. Bet he has a permanent scar even if it doesn’t get infected.

  • That was top quality stuff. I would like to thank the man in the vid for cutting off (a bit of ) his nose not to spite his face but to delight the popthatzitters!

  • Nothing like hacking into your own face in an extremely non-sterile manner right by your sinuses. I mean the sinuses that lead who one’s brain. That’s safe and definitely cannot cause major damage, or even death, if that gigantic hole in the nostril becomes infected; which, with the almost complete lack of sterile anything is quite likely to happen. This could have be taken care of quickly, easily and most importantly SAFELY at walk-in care. I do not understand some people’s insistence upon putting themselves in danger in order to attempt to prove some kind of point.

    Thank you for the post, MamaBell! I may not understand the popper’s motives, but I always appreciate my fellow PTZer’s mining! Thanks for looking and finding something new to share!

      • Without insurance, it would cost hundreds of dollars. If it was a regular walk-in clinic, probably between $300-$600, depending on where you live. I got charged $300 just to see the doctor and I didn’t get surgery, drugs, or labs. If it was the emergency room, it would probably be closer to or exceeding $1,000. In some states, the costs are significantly lower, though. Some states are super expensive.

  • boils, carbuncles, furuncles, and other festering wounds often develop a semi-solid plug like this, composed of fibrous material. not the same as a cyst sac. two different animals, IMHO.

  • Wow. He seemed afraid to poke a tiny pinhole in his nose, at first, and then he tore off an entire piece of his nose! I’m guessing he took it off with those tweezers. This could have been extracted without disfiguring his nose!

  • Thanks Rainbowdust. I knew you had to pay for healthcare in the USA but I didn’t realise it was that pricey. I know this guy is bonkers to cut his nose open like that but those prices hardly encourage people to take the safe option.

  • Now, that’s going to leave a scar. Non-sterile, no irrigation, in the “danger zone,” this fellow is a rather reckless sort. I wonder if he didn’t p**ZIT** out soon after the video ended.

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