Nice Face Boil!

Nice face boil with lots of puss! Enjoy!

YT Poster: Jessica Roberts
Run Time: 4:42

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  • That will take forever to properly heal without medical attention and antibiotics. Too close to the sinuses, eyes, gums, brain… Yikes- that abscess should not be messes with!

    • He’s nervous, it helps a lot of people concentrate, can lower pain response but he’s likely only chewing out of habit not because he knows this; I’ve seen surgeons chew gum in the OR (and if you are nervous around animals esp dogs or horses, chew gum when you are with them and they won’t pick up your fear as well)

  • He needs antibiotics something for skin and skin structures like Keflex about 72 hours ago. I do not like that eye swelling! It may actually not need an I&D but to be left alone and just for the antibiotics to do their thing. He looked like he was trying to push the pus away from his eye but all the pressure is pushing on some sensitive structures. Yipe!

    • Actually, the doctor would I/D that still, and prescribe antibiotics. That is still a huge abscess, just near the eye, from the looks of it. There is no tear ducts or anything in that area that need to be worried about, as far as the eye is concerned. As far as the sinuses, it looks to be to far towards the outside of the face to affect them. Gagin, this is just from what I can see in the video. Having been trained to perform I/D’s and have drained 40+ abscesses, several on the face, I would have no problem doing it. The problem comes in with scarring. A consult with a plastic surgeon would be recommended after the procedure, depending on how the abscess/cyst had to be I/D’d (of course that would depend on what type of abscess/cyst it is). The doctor (or whoever is performing the procedure) would, have to be careful when performing the anesthetic for the procedure, so that it doesn’t inadvertently affect the eye, with it being that close.

  • Orbital cellulitis, big ol’ abscess…. dude needs to go to the ER or Minute Clinic or your doctor and have that taken care of properly. Mashing around on it is only driving the infection and **ZIT** into the surrounding tissues. Plus he’s going to need antibiotics.

    Unless he really doesn’t care about major infections around his eye and near his brain. Keep messin’ with it and he’s going to end up either blind in one eye or dead.

  • The older woman’s voice – corrected another female cursing while the man talked like a long s**ZIT** man?! My sinuses hurt a little more each and every time that I view it. I hope he sought medical attention. It is a very nasty infection and incredible health concern that shouldn’t be fixed at home. So very sad.

  • Yet another shining example of “how in the **ZIT** did this thing get so bad?”

    How could you sleep with something like this?

    That’s an ugly case of cellulitis that needs to have an I&D, culture and targeted antibiotic therapy. He’s playing with fire.

  • How could he stand to have that thing get so big? You can see he doesn’t bother with any gloves or any other type of infection control measure. Get thee to the doctor, that’s too much pus too close to your eye. It’s already swollen under his eye before he pops it.

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