Popping a zit in an awkward spot

Uh….. what can I say, it’s awkward, it’s on a truck tailgate, it’s got dirty fingernails. It’s a jamboree of wrongness! That, and it’s a year old! I can’t believe it hasn’t been posted yet. I submit this not for the zit itself but for the absurdity of it, you just can’t beat it! (The zit is all right, too)

YT Poster: shinerymom
Run Time: 2:18

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  • TOOOO MUCH INFORMATION that no one wanted or needed to see! Boyfriend sure in hen pecked “do this, do that, do it right” etc WOW

    That is the picture of the ugly American.

  • What the..!? That is THE nastiest thing I’ve ever seen. No napkin to wipe it on? A dirty t-shirt.. Something!? Dare I ask what kind of filthbag sh*t she did with it as she was wiping it away with her disgusting, bare hand? It’s making me nauseous, and NOTHING has that effect on me. I just imagine her eyeing it up, shrugging her shoulders like “eh, just a bit of blood.” As she licks it off. Blegh!! I’m going to have nightmares now.

  • Boy meets girl, holds her hand, Visions of the promised land. This is one disgusting mountain troll.
    Some things, should never be shown in the daylight, this was one. Part two coming soon. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Did this take place in the camel section at the city zoo? Just wondering cause I thought I saw some camel toe. EEEEEWW! OK, I know that was in poor taste and not a very kind thing to say but it was way too easy!! LMAO!! Also, this was just a freaking gross scenario all around! I loved it!! Thanks for bringing this awesome post and lots of laughter into my day!!

    • Jim, you read my mind…. It’s heavy flow time or beef-curtains the size of a horse…Gross video but I felt my IQ raise a bit….. Now where is that banjo???………

  • Wow that was a whole truckload of awkward. Given the location (of the pimple) and her acrylics, I guess she couldn’t do it herself. So I imagine this was the only opportunity. Lordy. ‘Murica.

  • Get R’ Done!! I loved it!! Hey, if it hurt, and your out somewhere doing something, why not take a break, and get it popped!! Now, as far as her nails are concerned, yea, they are freaky!! His nails on the other hand, are just a outdoors, having fun, kicking it with friends, having a few beers and getting drunk, watching NASCAR, and just stopped for a minute and did not have a chance to wash up because I didn’t know I was going to be popping a zit on the inside of my girlfriends thigh type of hands and nails.

    And to top all of that off, I would just have to say that they are MY type of people, because in the end, they just got in there and showed that zit who was boss, and Got R’ Done!!

  • whew! So it wasn’t just me & my penchant for clean clothes creating such a distraction to my eyes? I didn’t quite notice what was being popped, my mind was so wrapped up in a fantasy of camels, and pedicures of pure bleach, double handed scrub brushes w/ a peroxide rinse…

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