Steven’s cyst

A guy attacks his friend’s back cyst while his girlfriend films, and of course tells him how to do everything.

YT Poster: cherylanne561
Run Time: 9:46

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  • Amateurs! They don’t know how the express a cyst and they don’t know how to record a video.

    Dude, get that white paint off your hands; I thought we missed the best part. The “I” in I&D stands for incision. The thick keratin doesn’t like to come out of that small of a hole.

    As for the camera work, Missy has really nice nails; fade to black.

    • Also, these guys know enough to post to youtube, so how come they act like they have never seen a pimple-popping video?

      And why do they have the camera’s orientation all screwy? It seems like they recorded it landscape, so why does it play in portrait? Anybody? Am I missing something here?

  • Great find! I’ve had one of those on my back before and the pop is a RELIEF when the core finally works its way out from under skin. I’ve actually “HEARD” them break through the skin.They kept at it until the job was complete!

  • Lamest video here…. Perfect for nap-time…. Was the drywall speckle supposed to be a prop or something? The guy was a puss all the way…. There is a few minutes of my life I will regret… F-

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