Umbolith Removal

This one is not new, but I don’t remember seeing it in the archives. Lively discussion is a back drop for the procedure.

YT Poster: jojonotdead
Run Time: 2:09

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  • That was a lot of finger poking for that tiny black fecal slug. 5gmmg of semtex would have been quicker. (Only kidding) Rubber gloves and baby oil, MMMMMMMMM. cigarette time.
    Thanks for the post jojonotdead.

  • My friend watched this and she is a P/A and she thought judging by the voice and characteristics of it she may suffer from Downs or a severe learning disability and her hygiene may have been neglected. Hard to say since it’s not in English but it does make sense…. Any mentally fit person cleans that sucker out in the shower (At least I do)… I never pulled a McNugget out of mine…

  • I like it.
    It has me thinking of a stress ball that has a nugget you can 4-finger squeeze from a small aperture.
    I’m glad the belly**ZIT**on is clear. I hope it heals up well.

  • Oh man. Having someone unplug my naval is right up there with having someone wipe my @$$ for me. How much indignity do you have to swallow before you leap across the great divide? Oops, I digress. Great vid for the Omphaloskeptics.

  • If she does have some kind of a mental illness, that would be an acceptable excuse, but other than that ANYONE who is not ill and just neglects their body like that is just reaaly gross dirty ignorant s**ZIT**mer. It makes me sick to think that people let this **ZIT** grow in them YUCK to all you dirty people

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