Up close and personal with an umbolith

Is October umbolith month? The story behind this one is disturbing but it can’t be denied that this is a whopper.

YT Poster: Microscope Adventure
Run Time: 3:06

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  • Sadly, this is legit. The variations of color, shape and consistency are evidence of authenticity. But the, moulage artists can be very good. On he other hand, the gold, red, and brown gooey bits around the margin suggest that our patient has been without a bathing hygiene regimen for some time.

    I have a daily bathing routine that includes soap, water, and a little scrubbing action. I wash all my skin, including the scalp, the belly **ZIT**on, inside the ears, behind the ears, back of the neck, underarms, between the toes, full crotch, perineum (between the privates and the **ZIT**er), and the rest of the intergluteal cleft (**ZIT** crack). What about the (whatever)? Yeah, I wash that too. All of it. Everywhere! Wash from top down, front to back and then rinse. If I don’t smell like soap, I do it again. I use one wash rag for my face, another one for my **ZIT**, and a scrubber for my back (Oh, yeah!) I rinse and towel dry. I thoroughly rinse my wash rag and let dry. I check my towel every day; if it starts to stink, either I’m not using enough soap, missing somewhere, or have worked up a sweat. I try to take a nice soaking bubble bath once a week. I finish by spritzing down the shower enclosure, spreading out the shower curtain, and lifting the bath mat to dry. If there are any funky colors in the corners or on the shower curtain, I scrub them out. Whew! Did I miss anything?

  • UNIMAGINABLE people refusing to bathe this time in history and technology!!! I would guess that he doesn’t abide by the old “Sa**ZIT**ay bath” that my grandmother recounted. That was 1903!!! Absolutely repugnant!!!! The inside rim of the belly **ZIT**on appeared as the cleanest place on his body. There is no excuse for it.

    Here’s a question for your input: What prompts these individuals to finally remove the stinky black rock from their bodies?”

  • I’ve seen coal that was cleaner than that blue/black **ZIT** grape.yuk, yuk and thrice yuk. It kind of looked like the Mother in law’s middle eye. Love you really mumi ‘n law. Stay calm Zoulee, and take deep breaths. Far to much info. Thanks for post.

  • Are we sure that this guy wasn’t pulling the scab off after a laparoscopic procedure that went in through the belly**ZIT**on? I have heard that those things can leave some really gnarly gunk in the belly**ZIT**on. It just seems like it makes the pain sounds more understandable, and you could tell that he had some stuff around the outside of his belly**ZIT**on, too, which could have been betadine. I dunno. Just a thought.

    • I think that’s what it was. A friend of mine had her breast implants inserted through her belly **ZIT**on. That was the only cut on her body. I feel like that’s a popular place to enter the body now to do all sorts of procedures. I feel like this may have been post something of that nature.

  • From the YT page:

    Published on Oct 15, 2014
    Don’t watch this while eating. Not for the faint of heart. M**ZIT**ive Umbolith removed from this poor man’s belly **ZIT**on. He’s a victim of neglect by his caretakers. We sent a letter of complaint but unfortunately nothing will happen, because it’s a government facility and the rats protect their own. Still, we do**ZIT**ented this case extensively, shot it with another camera as well (may upload it at a later point). You can’t really see it on this video, but there were (dead) insects in there.

    So how about we go with its not this guys fault?

  • Well, for my 2cents worth… There are some things that are cool seen through a microscope webcam. Other things are not so cool. This happens to be one of them in my opinion. The full “scope” of the issue could not be appreciated for the severity of this poor man’s apparent problem with a microscope webcam.

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