Worst boil on back ive ever seen

Three guys at work with a huge cyst, an Exacto knife, and a bunch of paper towels.
YT Poster: Luis Castillo
Run Time: 10:18

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  • Pimple poppin in the shop, good times! Have we seen this place before?

    Its the first time for the amigo on the camera. Every video should have a virgin. Some foul language, but he’s in shock.

  • Lots of gooey pus. Looked like the cyst was deeper then the popper thought it would be.

    I like to keep the sound on when I watch the videos. I feel it helps tell the full story.
    However, this video was a bit over the top. The camera man said *F* bombs 2-3 times a sentence. I could only watch 2/3 of it then I had to turn it off. I will probably come back tomorrow and watch it again with the sound off.

    • That’s why I always watch on mute because everyone had ‘f-bomb’ fever. The camera operator telling the patient to ‘man up’ yet in the next sentence talks about his gainting and gagging at one point in the video. Nothing that interesting happens where I work or I’d go over and watch and/or take control of the entire situation.

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