Some guy in his bikini briefs and his girlfriend(Im guessing) and some dude. They are using the fingernail down the crease of the nose technique. Its just a weird,funny video with some wormy blackheads. I think Im posting it mainly for the wierd factor or its funny……..I dunno?

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Run Time: 1:26

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  • Dam!! I thought she was trying to slice off his snotbox. He wasn’t half wincing. Couldn’t find anything sharper like a steak knife? Those finger nails looked lethal. No pain, no gain.
    P.S. I could have done without the quick camera shot of his black G-string covered love spuds.

  • It was strange from the start but when you see the dude squirming around in his speedo it went to another level.

    Now if you want to see some cheese grow from the nose go find a video of this black dude that sqeezes his nose and the entire nose turns white from all the spuge, it’s cl**ZIT**ic.

  • All I have to say is showering (or lack of) has nothing to do with it. I shower everyday, and wash my face twice a day, and one a night with acne stuff. I am 37 yom, and I can do better than that out of my nose just after washing my face!!

    Some people just have that bad, and oily, of skin. I am just cursed with bad skin. Some day I will have someone take a video of my back being worked on for all the blackheads, and of the 2.8 cm sebaceous cyst on my back getting I/D’d. It will be a PTZ exclusive!!!!

    • I TRULY apologize!! I had BAD acne from app. ages 11-15, when, thank **ZIT**, it slowly cleared up. I went to a dermatologist at about 13 and was told to wash my face GOOD 3x a day, which I did, but, honestly, I really don’t think that cleared up my acne, and I never had the black/whiteheads on my nose, so I guess I was luckier than a lot, and it’s still good advice to keep your face clean. As the saying goes, you learn something new everyday, but, once again, I do apologize, and feel for you!! Wanda

      • No problem wanda. I wasn’t meaning to sound nasty or anything, I was just pointing out that some of us are just cursed to have acne worse than others.

        But it would lead to some great PTZ footage if I could get someone to film while someone popped some for me. I am no longer married, but when I was, my wife took care of all of it for me! And boy ol’ boy, let me tell ya, there was some BIG blackheads and abscess’ that came out of my back!! The hurt was incredible!! But so worth it to get that stuff out!! She worked on my back just about every night to pop zits. Man, what a wife!!

        Oh well!

      • traument, First of all I’m sorry for your skin condition. That would be a great though for you to show us that.Think of all the good it would do for us fellow poppers. All the replay **ZIT**ons clicking. Thanks Bro All ment in a good way….

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