Disturbed blackhead?

Not sure why they say it is a disturbed blackhead… Good nevertheless 🙂

YT Poster: Reno Vatio
Run Time: 5:26

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  • Talk about camera work that will make you sea sick!! The pop wasn’t bad, except for the ever present not getting finished. If they would just just “make a bigger hole”, and do some good ol’ 4 finger squeeze on it, that thing would give it up like a momma bird to a young chick.

    But hey, we are not there to tell them how to pop it, we just get the great pleasure to laugh at their lack of technique afterwards!!

    Either way, good find poppin’n’poppin!!

  • I thought this was excellent! Other than a little bit of shaking with the camera in the beginning, it was great! Love the shooting goop! Thanks for posting, poppin’n’poppin!

  • If the guy was sitting up a bit straighter the skin would have been less taut and the popper would have been able to get his thumbs right under that thing and squeeze it right out of the water!!… Having said that, though, it is still an awesome video poppin’n’poppin, thank you and thanks also to the “cyst guy” and his persistent popper friend…

  • The post-er said he/she wasn’t sure why it was labeled ‘distrubed’…IT WAS THE CAMERA PERSON THAT WAS DISTURBED!!! I think THEY were drunk. Other than that, someone mentioned maybe the skin was too taut, the blue gloves didn’t help, (I think they were thicker than white surgical gloves) and I think the popper couldn’t get a good grip. But I liked what DID come out.

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