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wonderful little creatures. For some wounds the lst hope before amputation.
Most people find this therapy disgusting, I do not.
The maggots chose exactly between living and dead tussue, better than every surgeon.
What they leave is absolute clean tissue.

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  • As an OR nurse for many years, I’ve seen this first hand. The very first time I saw maggots in the wound of a homeless person, I was totally grossed out. But the surgeon showed me exactly how the maggots were actually helping, not hurting this person; the job they did cleaning out that wound was amazing.

    • Maggots never bothered me. Used to see it sometimes in the ER but I figure they only eat dead tissue so not that big a deal and most of the time the wounds looked better once you cleaned out all the crud. Hard sometimes to get past the thought of it. I would probably go nuts just from the sensation of having them crawling and being able to feel it…gives me the **ZIT**.

  • The maggots you find on homeless people are not exactly helping them. They are a completely different kind of parasite, one that comes from being dirty and having no hygene. They are full of germs and bacteria and can cause more harm than good.
    In maggot debridement therapy, germ-free ,disinfected larvae of a therapeutic fly species (not common house flies) are used to create “medical grade maggots”. These are then used to treat and manage wounds.

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