Juicy armpit cyst

He pulls out an ingrown hair or a plug and watch the pus flow!
YT Poster: Terry Morgan
Run Time: 2:17

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  • Hard to say if an ingrown hair started things off; the underarm seems to be a favorite place for those abscesses to form, no matter what the cause.

    I’m curious if they had much odor at all. Probably not, as those ones typically pop up pretty quickly and there is no time for anything to degrade. But maybe when you have all that pus it has its own interesting aroma.

    • Yes, **ZIT**psters, that is a great name for them and they are rampant on the tube. Been noticing that the more a video is copied the **ZIT**pier it is, twerking the video totally out of focus! Why do they still repost what’s not theirs, do they really think the tube is still gonna pay them for getting a million unlikes!

  • The material pulled from the incision is fibrin and not an ingrown hair.
    “Fibrin is a tough protein substance that is arranged in long fibrous chains; it is formed from fibrinogen, a soluble protein that is produced by the liver and found in blood plasma. When tissue damage results in bleeding, fibrinogen is converted at the wound into fibrin by the action of thrombin, a clotting enzyme.”

    And as already pointed out this video is a repost with a red filter added to make it look slightly different from the original.

  • Yes, This is a cl**ZIT**ic, one of the top videos showing the most PUS I have seen come from an infected cyst or boil, I don’t mind at all that they showed some of the same video over to make it seem longer.
    I think the most pus I have seen come from one infection was some guy that had an infection in his bicep ….anyone remember that one?

  • Just curious but I have had mrsa before and the contents of this small beast looks similar to mine. This person might want to go to the doctor for a good round of the correct antibiotics that elimante the mrsa infection. have a great day all.

  • This is a repost of one of the great cl**ZIT**ics. Sadly the quality was degraded and that hideous music was very bothersome. Sometimes reposts help spread a great video. In this case it was already wide spread. Reposts are best when the poster can include a dialog that further explains what causes the problem and what we are seeing.

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