Neck Cyst (FatPimple)

The video is mis-**ZIT**led. It is a cyst on the neck, not a pimple. An emergency room physician removes it using a unique technique. Good video. Thick pus.

YT Poster: Pimple pimpler
Run Time: 15:00

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  • “Emergency room physician?” I think not.
    That’s an actual, physical examination room and not a screened hospital’d see in almost all emergency rooms. And its obvious from the conversation that the doctor personally knows the patient and his friend.

    Its not necessary to fabricate facts not in evidence to make these videos more interesting.

    • My local emergency room looks nearly exact to that, not all are screened. We have actual separate rooms with only a few out dated curtain separated beds. The physician seems to have very good bedside manners that’s why she’s so friendly. I had a trip to the E.D. ( E.R to some) and the physician used my name a lot and seemed very friendly. My husband even asked if I knew him.

      There’s many explanations as to why things are the way they are. You said it’s not necessary to fabricate, I agree. It’s also not necessary to call people liars when you were not in the situation to give other truthful information by first hand account. Just because you haven’t experienced rooms that look like this or very friendly medical staff does not mean it does not exist and needs to be called out as fake.

      My apologies if this seems rude, it was not my intention. It is irritating to see instant finger pointing when the pointer wasn’t there. We don’t know and frankly, does it really matter if it is it is not an E.D. with an E.D. physician? It is a lovely lump.

  • Given the ridiculous amount of pus this could have been one of the best cyst video’s, but it got ruined by a poor quality camera and a ‘drunk’ person holding the camera. I just can’t believe the camera moved away right before the sac was pulled out. How **ZIT**ing difficult can it be to keep the cyst ib the center of the screen?
    Also, the hyper wiper and blocking the view with the towels adds to the frustration.
    Lost potential for sure…

  • This video could have been a contender but it was ruined.
    first off she knows someone is trying to film so why not get with the program, I was screaming for her to get some hemostats, it was like she was afraid of it.
    just clamp on and at least try some gentle pulling.
    just imagine if that would have not been filmed by stevie wonder and it was an HD cell
    phone, it would have ranked up there with the best, top ten.
    When you can empty a large amount of cheese from a 14 year old cyst and also pull out an intact think as leather sack you have something that only comes around one every 10 years, I am crying now.

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