Priest Sings During His Nipple Abscess Surgery

The Doctor says it all much better than I ever could!
I have started recording the addiction history of my patients to make a survey of the prevalence of these problems and to **ZIT**yze the affect of these addictions on the health and life. This patient is a priest from a temple in Mathura and he and many of his attendants are addicted to various products of Cannabis Indiaca and they claim that it has become the way of life at their place. It is remarkable that they are devoted persons believing in **ZIT** and are not able to find fault with the bad habit of addiction which is spreading by peer pressure and is making them happy go lucky and easy going persons. The remarkable thing is that most of them are good singers. The patient is singing even while getting operated upon and sang when he came for dressing recently.

Addiction survey 2 – Pt of Ch Breast Abscess Excision, Addicted to Cannabis Indica – Dr N Dewan
Dr Narotam-Dewan-Hospital Ludhiana
Published on Jan 8, 2013

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  • Good Lord that was terrible! A HUGE incision and flap, wide excision biopsy – only if they were concerned about a worse condition was this prudent. And the closure on the deroofed nipple! What a disfigurement!

  • I’m not sure about why this doctors talking about cannabis addiction **ZIT**ociated with this video. I am watching on mute, so I may be missing something. Anyways, I was an addiction therapist for a long time and worked with several different populations, and while any substance has the ability to be abused and a person become “addicted” it is highly unlikely that the all of them meet the criteria for cannabis dependency.

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