9.5 Minutes of Dr. Lee

Just a quick warning to those of you who don’t agree with Dr. Sandra’s slice and poke method of particular extractions, there is a decent enough balance with regular squeezing using her comedone extractor.

YT Poster: DrSandraLee
Run Time: 9:44

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  • This was a good video. I did get a little tired of her constantly telling how deep his forehead lines will look without all of the blackheads. When the camera was turned off, I wonder if she tried to sell him on the benefits of some of the newer injectable products that fill in wrinkles. Those injections are the dermatologists’ bread and **ZIT**er, these days.

    • I watched with the sound off, so I didn’t know she did this until I read your comment. I wonder if she did try to sell him on the benefits of the line fillers. Because I actually think the lines on his forehead were much LESS noticeable once the blackheads were extracted! Without the blackheads, ones’ eyes aren’t drawn to that area the same way. Or at least, a popper’s eyes wouldn’t be! 🙂

      • She actually told him the opposite – she said his forehead lines WOULD be less noticeable, as they are.

    • SoulCyster: its never too late to go back to school. Just 4 years for a pre med Bachelor of Science, 4 years of med school, about 3 or 4 years of general a/o internal medicine residency and l to 2 years of a dermatology residency. In just about 14 years, you too could be hanging out your shingle. I think you should go for it. You would probably do very well. I think that we should take a vote. I say GO FOR IT!!!!!

      • All you have to do is like, pusareus stated. Eight years of school and 5 to 6 years of residency, Then you get to pay the $150,000 to $250,000 depending on what schools you attended.
        Medical school requires just about all your time to study and p**ZIT** cl**ZIT**es, then internship you get to work 72 hour shifts and catch an hour or two of sleep in between taking care of patients and learning.
        I think $300.000 a year is not enough after going through 14 years of training and having just about no social life during that time.
        I am a carpenter and own my own bussiness for 39 years, before I had to retire due to medical problems. I was taking a yearly salary out of the bussiness, $ 178,000 a year and only went to 1 year of college, also worked long days 6 days a week. No way I would go to school and residency for 14 years and work for $300.000, and also have loans to pay. They deserve to make a **ZIT** of lot more than $300,000!!

      • I’ve gone back to college twice for career changes and that’s enough for me. I admire the commitment, tenacity and endurance of medical students. Given the years of education, financial responsibility, government restrictions and the liabilities **ZIT**ociated with the health care profession, I feel that doctors choose their specialties because of a desire to help people, not for the money. I just think it would be cool to pop blackheads every day!

  • Agree with your last reply SoulCyster. I was just stating what it takes to become a Doctor, especially one who chooses a special field.

    You have to have a love for it an wanting to help people.

  • This so relaxing to watch. I could just put it on a loop and watch over and over and over again, until I fell asleep like a tired little baby. Sigh. 🙂

    Thanks for the post, $he!l@ As you can see, I love it. Going straight to the favs rack!

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