major plaque

Not a zit but I found it equally as amazing and gross.

YT Poster: campbpar
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  • Some medications will do this too. If I didn’t have my own pick and mirror, my teeth would look like this every other day! I clean my own teeth every day! My meds are the culprit!!

  • The dentist or hygienist did an amazing job. Those teeth looked brand new when the procedure was over. It actually looks like the teeth were bleached or bonded because they were so white. I wonder if dental offices wherever this occurred, give the patients a new toothbrush, some toothpaste and floss after a cleaning. If so, I hope that they taught him/her how to use them. I have never before seen plaque that had such large pieces that it was taking up the **ZIT**es between the teeth.

  • I went through a very dark stage in my life. I’m embarr**ZIT**ed to say I went almost 3 years without brushing my teeth. When I finally started to emerge from the darkness I went to see the dentist. Mainly because my front top teeth were cracking. I would image my teeth were this bad. The dentist numbed my entire mouth. My first cleaning was nearly 2 hours long.
    I did find a good dentist. I have crowns in my upper front teeth and a partial for my bottom teeth. My dentist said the damage is done, lets not focus on that. Let’s save the teeth you have now.
    He has a crazy sense of humor. He actually makes it fun to go the dentist. I’m so glad I found him.

  • That actually isn’t plaque; it’s calculus. When calculus builds up like that, it slowly starts to deteriorate the bone surrounding the tooth, causing bone loss, gingival recession (which leads to sensitivity), and tooth mobility or loss. The person in this video has an advanced case of periodontal disease; so they will have an extensive treatment plan and will need to return for cleanings every 3 mos or less. So go to your hygienist for prophylaxis every 6 mos so this doesn’t happen to you!!

  • Not plaque – calculus? Naw….it’s no better than arithmetic…using an abacus…naw, using popsicle sticks. And that person should shove popsicle sticks between those teeth after every meal, especially after gnawing on fishheads. :-p

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