Tender Foot

Oh Dear.
A boy. A sliver. A knife. An irritating narrator.

YT Poster: Audrey Lucas
Run Time: 2:38

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  • Great job at removing the splinter. They were well educated at that job – knowing not to soak or even moisten the foot with an antiseptic. Hopefully they did a good job at disinfecting the wound once the splinter had been removed. When they told him to stay where he was, I hope that it was for the purpose of a thorough cleaning. So many people soak the foot in water or with the something like Betadine that the wood gets soft and swells up, making it very difficult, if not impossible to temove the sliver in one piece, if at all. Then a trip to Urgent Care of the ER is in required. Nice find, Gen. BTW, I didn’t find ,the narrator particularly irritating. Once you mentioned it, I was expecting someone like infamous “make a bigger hole” Lou. I think that he was just trying to keep the boy calm and explain what they were doing.

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