More blackheads

I can only hope that the word gets out and more patients flock to her door, so that we of the self serving type when it comes to squeezing almost anything can continue to be fulfilled.

YT Poster: DrSandraLee
Run Time: 8:06

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  • Dr. Lee videos never fail to amaze. What a difference it will make in this patience’s appearance when she gets all of those blackheads out. More! More!! More!!!

  • On her YouTube site, the other gentleman with the nose blackheads, has 4 videos dedicated to him. She has labeled them Session 1, 2, 3, 4. Since this says session 1 I’m looking forward to his following sessions. I realized after watching this, that while I may hate to see them end, it’s probably a good thing these videos don’t last 2 hrs each. I would absolutely get nothing else done as I’d be glued to my laptop. I’m just really happy she keeps making the videos & they keep getting posted online!!

  • Maybe seeing a vid like this. I know all of us would dig them out while they were baby blackheads, but some people just think that’s the only way it can be. Like it would make the problem much worse to pick them out.

  • that’s an amazing video, I hope that there are more to watch. haven’t been here in a while, she does a great job of getting them to pop. I love how the patient and camera stay at the proper place for a good non jingly view.
    keep up the great work dr.

  • Meh, Dr. V still has my vote. These are ok but not as satisfying as Dr. V’s. This guy has a super sensitive nose, he could handle me getting a hold of those bad boys.

    • Agree completely!! She seemed to be pushing on them but it wasn’t like she was about to break his nose or anything. That was somewhat odd to me…. I wonder if he has some sort of skin condition that makes the skin on his nose/face tender? Oh, well… Agree, though, Dr V still has her beat…

  • Beautiful, simply beautiful! I can’t help wondering that if, when she was a teenager, she would carefully pop anything on her face that might have resembled a pimple. I visualise her mother yelling at her to stop doing that or face would stay like that (does that sound familiar to anyone?). Nowadays, I can see her mother, constantly in awe, saying,” I can’t believe that she is making a living doing what I told her not to do. When she said she wanted to be a doctor, I thought she would be doing heart transplants or saving eyes. I simply can’t believe it.” \of course, this type of a speciality gives a female doctor plenty of time to devote to raising her family and makes for a nice life. There are not too many emergencies in dermatology.

    • Amen to that!! Get paid to pop zits, cysts, boils etc…for extremely nice salaries!

      There were TONS of blackheads in the pores of the left side near the bottom of the nostril. She turns his nostril up and they literally start to roll out of the pore!! TELL ME that they were all popped into little round pus/dirt/sweat balls! Incredible – probably never was his face or popped until today which is sad but FANTASTIC for us. I’d been constantly popping them on whatever I could to pop them

  • I thought his face had an eerie or dead like coloring when I first saw him. My mom said my grandmother’s nose was much worse than his but she would’t try to take them out or allow my mom to get them out for her. Occasionally, I was allowed to squeeze a pimple and it had lots of stringy mush than smelled RANCID! Perfect opportunity lost. This is from working in the sum, he hans’t been taking care of him face and popping blackheads. Thankfully he didn’t or we wouldn’t have this GREAT video to watch!! Squeeze on!!

  • Does anyone get the feeling that when a video starts you see how long the video is, get a little inpatient because you want to see action. But then have the feeling of it ain’t long enough because you get mesmerized by the popping and the time flies.

    Her videos are mostly that way. Incredibly I almost feel like I am in a time warp, eight minutes flew by soo fasttt

  • This may upset a few folks but I think Dr. LEE is in a class of her own, in my opinion
    better than Dr. Vikram.
    Dr. Vikram has the advantage of having world class blackheads from the mixture of
    conditions in India but I don’t think he attacks the blackheads from start to finish like he should, sometimes he sort of picks around them and does not remove the entire plug.
    Don’t get me wrong he’s in the Hall Of Fame (first year) but I just think Dr LEE is better
    I think she is one of us, she enjoys a good blackhead and she knows what we want.
    as you can probably tell I am a blackhead guy, I enjoy a good cyst but when I see a large fully developed BH crowning and then watch it being birthed by a skilled popologist and all that remains is the empty screaming hole,….WOW

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