Huge Earlobe Cyst

First post. Long time lurker. Huge cyst opened by doctor, Hope you enjoy it.

YT Poster: John Gilmore, MD
Run Time: 4:31

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  • I once asked Dr. Gilmore a question and he got all defensive about a procedure he did.

    (1) Notice that the doctor said that the infection went right through the ear pinna to the rear. But he made the incision in the front of the pinna where a scar would be visible. That’s sloppy work to me.

    (2) He never did any blunt dissection to break up loculations. He could have easily used dissection scissors to expand the incision he made, then probe the cavity with a small hemostat.

    • Fedka and Sawx: you both nailed it! A lot of **** remains in earlobe; incision ineffective; unnecessarily visible; failed to extract pus pockets. But, his method is full of baloney yet his pockets are probably full of money. HAAAAA! 😛

    • 1) But he realized the infection when through to the back *after* he made the incision and began draining the infection. If he knew before and made the incision in the front, then I agree, yes, that is sloppy. But I don’t think he knew it. I am fairly certain that Dr. Gilmore is a smaller town walk-in clinic doctor type. Not sure he knows well enough to tell that infection was through and through before the procedure began.

      2) The patient was in pain, and the doc planned on wicking it and checking the next day. Now Dr. Gilmore is a tad opportunistic, so if the patient had agreed and there had been more good stuff to squeeze, he would have filmed that squeezing. So my guess is that there wasn’t too much left to do after the overnight of draining. In this case, I actually agree with him on waiting to see what happened overnight before making the incision larger with even small hemostats and making the patient’s pain even worse. No doubt that kid ended up on a solid course of antibiotics as well.

      Just my personal 2 cents. 🙂 I have NO medical training, so I bow to any you have, Fedka. 🙂

    • No fat. That’s why when someone uses an “Epi-pen” (which is epinephrine) for anaphylactic shock due to a severe allergic reaction, they inject it in their leg usually – there’s fat tissue.

  • Is it a sign of the American heath system that so many of these videos have accents from southern America? Don’t get me wrong, I love the videos and hope they never end; but I’m curious if it’s anything to do with the health system over there, or if people just don’t follow basic personal hygiene…

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