An Outstanding Dr. Lee

We get to meet Jackie, the esthetician who preps “our guy.” He really is going for it and has become a bit of a hero in my mind.

YT Poster: DrSandraLee
Run Time: 10:03

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  • No, I also find myself holding my breath right before she pushes a big one out. I also got a kick out of the right side of my screen under Recent Comments. John Stewart was doing his happy dance the whole time I’m watching Dr. Lee’s video. It was as if John Stewart was reacting to watching it with me. ha…

    • Gliss, I don’t think so. His eyebrows are different. Also, Joe (the fellow in your link) ended up with a much narrower nose, particularly at sides, near the bottom. That doctor did a great job – and I just about choked on my coffee when he said that he chose him from the internet. He lucked out, but many are not so lucky. I left a nasty comment about the insurance company saying no to the procedure. That was definitely not a cosmetic procedure. I suggested that the removed pieces of the nose should have been wrapped up and mailed to the president of that idiotic insurance company. I wonder if the receptionist at the front desk is sitting there with a huge rhyphoma on her nose ? Can you picture it – “Welcome to Acme Insurance, who is your appointment with?” Thanks Gliss, I enjoyed that video as much as Dr. Lee’s. I think you should import it to PTZ.

  • Yes, altho it reminds me that if you are good looking enough, you can get away with expressing any little quirk in your personality! (My son picked up my laptop, saw the PTZ icon and said ‘Gross! Why do you watch that!!’. He was 29 at the time.) You want gross? Try 24 hrs of labour ending in a ripping episiotomy! 😉

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