Pile of Keratin Plugs

Although this was the video was waiting for from this genre, I now realize I would have preferred the ac**ZIT**ulation in the context of pulling and squeezing. No need to watch all four minutes, as you’ll get the idea soon enough. There is a nice touch for size comparison @ 1:03.

YT Poster: keanatankentai
Run Time: 4:09

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  • Maybe I’m just too far gone, but I watched the whole thing. And really liked it. Even when, in the beginning, when the pile o’ plugs turned to vogue to the left, then vogue to the right, and habituation in your optical neurons made it seem a little like all the wee mites were heaving and seething a bit like maggots (you know the effect, like when you feel yourself rolling backwards at a red traffic light because the car next to you starts to inch up in anti**ZIT**tion of green). Yeah, I liked it. No shame, mind you, there’s no shame in liking what you like and knowing it. I’m just ready for it to be all downhill from here, that’s all. Well I’m not addicted to drugs, and I love all my kitties like crazy so there’s 2 redeeming features, but… there’s not gonna be a mark left on this earth when these pores dry up. Just a couple of memories floating away like a tuft of kitten fluff!

    Apologies, I’m just feeling David Foster Wallace.

  • Perhaps somewhere in the orient, there lives an esthetician that has been at the job for just a tad too long and has gone off the deep end. This is possibly just a small part of what he/she has stored in the attic or a trunk. There is a very old joke about a fellow who really likes pancakes. His family finally sent him to seek medical help. When asked what the problem was, he replied that he had no problem, he merely liked pancakes. The doctor agreed, adding that he really liked pancakes as well. The patient got very excited and said to the doc, “you must come to my place then. I have trunks full of them.” Seeing this pile of keratin reminds me so much of what I thought was fiction. I also believe that the really large item in the pile was a botfly. In one scene, I swear that I saw teeny little eyes, but as the pile was constantly rearranged, the optical area vanished or had more “product” piled on top of it. Perhaps this keratin collector is planning to use the stuff to create a new line of “natural, organic” cosmetics for those with very dry skin. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  • Evidently this was broadcast on television. Which bring us to the viewing habits of the Japanese public. What’s next? A pile of ear wax removals (they love that ear wax!)?
    Good video and good find.

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