#2 From Sandra!

More Blackheads!

YT Poster: DrSandraLee
Run Time: 9:04

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  • Does anyone else squeeze the phone while she’s extracting? It’s like I’m holding my breath too, so when she tells him to breathe I have to laugh cuz I realize I need to as well. On a side note, what a sweet, sweet man. The fact he’s 85 is amazing, but breaks my heart knowing he’s not assimilating into his new environment very well and seems he’s really struggling and lonely. Wish somehow the number of peeps that have enjoyed watching his videos could somehow do something for him to at least make him feel special. I’m sure he doesn’t fully understand how exactly people are “routing” for him via the “internet” as Dr Lee always tells him. He seems a bit baffled. Would be cool if local news did a segment on him and made him a bit of a local celebrity @ his new depressing “old age” home. Maybe Dr Lee will not just let him walk out forever & will try to help him somehow. Anyway, just wrote a novel about some random old guy & his pimples that I love watching getting expressd. This is my pimple **** and I have to watch @ least an hour every night before I go to sleep. Ie: I live a terribly exciting life.

    • Great idea! Someone could mention it on her site and maybe she could follow through with all of her Hollywood connections perform a “make a wish” situation for him. People who’ve been married most of their lives, when that person dies, it is EXTREMELY difficult for them to want to go on living. All die of natural causes = the other spouse passes on to Heaven within 6 months 🙁 How sad but wonderfully loving and inspiring.

  • Yay, the other side! I wish she’d worked out more of the white patches that were so full of sebum they stretched and blanched the skin .
    I just looked her up on Google, and my Lord is she beautiful. Some people seem to have it all…Sigh

  • I’m sure that going to see Dr. Lee is the highlight of his week. Every nursing home in America (and probably the world) has residents just like this gentleman – alone, not adjusting to widowhood, overwhelmed. If we each took a couple of hours on just one Saturday a month and visited a local nursing home think of how many people’s lives it would change. With our grandparents’ generation living well into their 90’s we’ll see more and more nursing homes full of patients who have outlived their loved ones – often their own children.

    • He has 85 years of life on his face, ultraworld. However I think Dr. Lee realizes how important this is to him and will continue to invite him back for more cleaning. You have to admit she must have cleaned out more than 75% of his pus pockets and he does look better and sounds stronger than the first video she made of their sessions!

      • I think it’s much improved with the black head volcano tops sticking up all over his face and the under lyhing pus that his skin shows because it is so delicate at his age.

  • So sad!!! I just went to his GoFundMe page and read his story. I had to donate…I just had to!!! I couldn’t help but tear up. He already has over $4,000 in just 2 days so hopefully this will help with his worries over finances for a while, anyway. God Bless you, my friend!!!

  • I am sorry…but I think She SUCKS. TOTAL over-kill with the slicing. and then she doesn’t even remove them all of the way most of the time.. she doesn’t take the time to actually get the gunk out of them because she is too busy numbing and slicing. TOTAL ridiculousness… total unnecessary needles and cutting for ****** results… he could have gotten better if she took her time. Ive seen every video on this site since it first began, just recently became a member, so I am sure you can all understand the need to watch videos even though they annoy the **** out of you. Hers annoy me to another level. Going to school and learning how to do this professionally and then watching this makes me want to reach through the screen and slap her. I would never go to her. I would leave with scars and more pain from the numbing then if shed just use regular tools. … done ranting now 🙂

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