Draining of Cauliflower Ear

Restoring the ear to be somewhat normal….

YT Poster: Kaigan Holmes
Run Time: 5:26

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  • My son wrestled in middle school and high school. In high school he got a cauliflower ear. We went to an ENT. He lanced my son’s ear and put in a drain. My son was in so much pain. I called the Dr. His nurse said to drain it myself. I got insulin needles from the pharmacy. i drained his ear once a day. My son still has a scar in his ear.

  • rugby union/league players also get cauliflower ears, mainly the props who go into the scrums. you can tell those who have played a long time by the damage to their ears lol. this is the first time i’ve ever seen it drained.

  • They used WAY too big of a needle for this for this kid’s ear! But they did a good job draining this kid’s ear. Poor kid was about to pass out! Most of the pain was from the stick of the 16 gage needle!

  • That was interesting. I’ve never seen or heard of cauliflower ears. Wonder what causes them. And I do agree with the others…Poor kid did look like he was going to pass out. He also looked like he was in a bit of shock…Should have wrapped him up in a warm blankie given him a blood warm hot chocolate and plopped him in front of his favourite movie.

  • I guess I’m in the minority here; for a home procedure, it looks great and so much better the way it is often done as a simple lance in the doc’s office or even by a ‘well meaning’ coach. It is painful and we don’t know the full outcome, but so far so good.

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