Mega Zit Huge Cyst

Mega Zit Huge Cyst
YT Poster: Birgit Stanton
Run Time: 5:41

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  • Fantastic cyst but the lady drove me crazy. She kept leaving the poor guy to go get more paper, and more paper, and yet more paper…and still she didn’t have enough. She dragged it out so long it was frustrating for him and us. Just pull off the scab and push. Get it over with and clean it up. She was prepared with gloves…she should have been prepared with paper. Drop the pin, please.

    • I’m with you meadow74! Drop the pin. And you don’t need that much paper. What a waste. And stop acting like the cyst is going to bite you…You have gloves on!

    • Hey meadow74, their was someone using your screen name that was jumping on other members for commenting about things they didn’t like about the person in the video, dirty fingernails etc…..I know it was not you because of your
      comments above… I thought I would let you know that someone may be logging on under your name.

  • Such possibilities. There is so much more pus in there. I hope they watch some cyst/boil videos on YT A bit of education can go a long way.
    We all know by morning the cyst was full again. SMH

  • I have commented on this video over at Youtube. She is probably this most annoying person I have never met. I don’t understand why the guy filming didn’t take over. Can anyone explain that to me.?

    • Mark, I totally agree! I will never EVER understand why they get people who don’t want to pop the cyst to do it and that person insists on a) keeping the useless pin in their hand while trying to drain the cyst and b) using massive amounts of silly paper towel that doesn’t do **** to help and they wipe and wipe and wipe and…well you get the drift. c) Why for God’s sake WHY do people stop squeezing the second the pus starts coming out?!?!? That is when you want to squeeze more! That I will never understand. The frustration I feel watching these is incredible.

      • I agree with you so, very much!
        I can understand Popper Startle when there is the first glurp, but what did they think was going to come out? And exaggerating the “tons” that have already come out and “there’s blood everywhere” concerns.
        If you can wipe it up with a cotton swab or a tissue, it’s not an issue.

  • Would have been a good one if
    A, she squeezed it properly
    B, stopped hyper wiping
    C, finished the job
    D, better camera angle
    and last but not least GET THAT OTHER ONE 🙂
    Hopefully we may see more…..

  • Hyper wiper killed it for me, not to mention the drunk camera guy… And what about the other geyser on his back? I’m still hollering ” my god just squeeze it!!”

  • Very unsatisfying. There’s so much potential there!
    She should have handed it off to camera dude. He seemed down for the job and she could hold the camera.
    I always think that people who have dealt with child/pet poo, barf, pus, and blood would be good at this kind of thing, especially when done to someone who is unrelated, bigger than them, and enthusiastic. alas

  • Have you ever noticed how Dr. Y dispatches all blood and pus with no more than a single fold of gauze? This has always been a source of marvel to me: he knows his business, and requires little else to get it done in a calm, collected manner. He is a Rennaisance man of some of the most pustulant cases ever!

    On the other hand, here we have this Dark Ages example: fear of the unknown, with no forethought or fact-finding, arming herself with the distance of an entire roll of paper towels between her and her patient.

    “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” – FDR

    “A computer in every paw, ignorance in every cranium.” – SqueezeMeRite

    • SqueezeMeRite:

      “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” – FDR

      “A computer in every paw, ignorance in every cranium.” – SqueezeMeRite

      I hereby nominate you as the official PTZ philosopher. That was one of the most clever comments ever made on these pages. Keep that thinking cap on because we now expect a lot from you. Keep up the good work.

    • Absolutely correct!

      That hyper-wiper is so afraid of the pus, she’s wearing 1/16″ thick black gloves and placing half a roll of Bounty between her fingers and the pus, but doing this inside the house and spraying the pus all over the floor, the dog… She should consider take him to the backyard and simply squeezing the base of that huge cyst with her four fingers!

  • why does this site put OLD videos up? And then if we try to get new ones up they only put them on from the same people. I AM NOT GOING TO CONE TO THIS SITE ANYMORE. it’s FN SICKENING

  • On a scale from 1 to 10 that was -2. I wouldn’t let that lady squeeze ketchup out of a plastic bottle, let alone a cyst. You owe me money for anger management treatment now!

  • OH **** – if I got my hands on either one of those gems, she dog would have been covered in yellow pus from the fountains that would be pouring out from both spickets!! They were beauties just BEGGING to be popped by someone with experience. They were FULL of nothing but pus and big pus chunks!!

  • Hopefully she’ll read and learn. He has several small cysts growing on his left shoulder. Maybe by the time they’re ready she’ll know how to squeeze it right.

  • What a wonderful bump! These people, the cameraman/the squeezer have no idea of how lucky they are! I wish so much I could squeeze one like that. Mine were all very deep and never came to head. Even when severely infected and the one that got tennis ball sized wasn’t even close to having a head. The just got soft centers that broke open. They never got pointed like that either always round and deep and very very very painful.

  • I don’t think the popper had enough paper towels. She must have used an entire roll. Also, just checked out the other lump on YT…that poor dude’s back has seen some rough times! This is obviously not his first puss rodeo.

  • This was a very frustrating video to watch, it was a great boil/cyst and could have been a really good video but this person messed it up like a soup sandwich.
    I could have done a better job popping it with my knees,

  • This could have been a top slot contender, but with the woman who owned stock in a paper towel company, the camera guy that let it get out of focus at times, and the just plain wussy job of squeezing, what could have been a true classic was just so-so.
    Thanks for the link to the popping of the other lump. He did a super job all by himself.

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