Stye from HELL ~OR~ How many Mistakes can you find in this Video?

Too bad People can’t be required to watch a “Pus Popping Tutorial” before DIY pops are done and/or recorded. How many things did they do that, for health’s sake, coulda been done differently? Here’s your chance to ***** some more about dirtiness, only do try to use constructive criticism, being nice is still a PTZ requi~zit, right?
YT Poster: Aaron Andersen
Run Time: 4:00

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  • How many things did they do wrong? Challenge accepted!!!
    1. Dirty, dusty, covered in God knows what carpet.
    2. Unsterilized needle
    3. No real cleaning around the “boil”?
    4. No gloves
    5. All of the above done directly under the eye
    6. Obvious lack of any sort of common sense, or basic intelligence.

    Do I win?

  • Who’s gonna use that antiseptic (or whatever it is) next? The nozzle is face down in the carpet.

    Now I don’t know much of anything medical, but if this were me popping somewhere 10 days from civilization, I would think this:

    Pull the lower lid DOWN before sticking a pin into it!

    • debivc78 YOU WIN! And so does everyone else who commented here!!! I agree with vallyp, going near the eye with a needle is something that, if it is even done, should be done by a Professional in their medical office!

  • There’s a lot of trust going on in this video. And a lot of love.

    A couple of weeks ago, I woke up with 2 styes on the inside of my lowerveyelid on the right side. The pain of it woke me in the middle of the night. I used a lancet, like is used for blood draws for glucose testing. When I pierced the first one, a pearl of pus surfaced as the tissue around it pulled away. I wiped it off with a cotton swab. The second wasn’t as interesting.

    The lancet worked really well and since it is single use, it’s sterile. They are great in situations where I want to nick the skin and not go too deep and they are cheap! I keep some in my first aid kits (great for clearing splinters) and with my girlie beauty junk (to pop that zit.)

    I smeared my eyelids and lashes with antibiotic ointment and went back to sleep. I got an Rx from my Dr. for the same kind of eye drop used for pink eye just in case.
    DIY with an MD chaser.

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