Cyst Removal by Dr. Lee

Another great one by Dr. Lee. Feel sorry for the gal cause that is going to leave a nasty scar.
YT Poster: Dr. Sandra Lee
Run Time: 12:00

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  • A.C. Slater, you are an ignorant nincompoop. First of all, the procedure we saw here is 100% within the standard of care for dermatology. I’m not a big fan of semilunar excision of the face, but in this case I would have done the same, because…#2 This pt has already had this cyst recur once. The minimally invasive techniques that we often see always leave some residual tissue in situ. Even if you get the whole capsule, the bursting of the cyst wall in order to debulk the cyst always leave some raw “sebum” on the loose. The body will manufacture a new cyst wall to isolate the keratinaceous matter of the sebum, and any 1st Year can tell you that raw keratin is an “intrinsically inflammatory substance.” A second recurrence has more likelihood to cause scarring just because of the inflammation and surgical trauma. So you need to get it all, and to get it all you need an open incision. Third, Dr Lee is no butcher: the incision was made right with the pertinent Langer’s Line. The tissue had already been stretched by the recurrence of the cyst, so making two semilunar incisions has the advantage of debulking the skin and promoting good healing. My crystal ball is in the shop, but unless there is an underlying pathology in the neck fascia (or deeper tissues) or the pt is a keloid-former, I should expect a good outcome. I do not expect the scar to be readily visible in six months time. A.C.S I suggest that you read a good text on principles of dermatology and dermatologic surgery before you go about casting stones at a physician. Verbum sap.

  • Freedom of expression does not apply in a private forum. It also does not excuse defamation against a physician made by a person who does not know the medicine.

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