Dr. Lee is Back

Whew! This was good news.

YT Poster: Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper)
Run Time: 9:18

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  • I am very happy to see Dr. Lee has not been shaken by that sad sack of @ *~#, who has too much unsupervised time on his/her hands. Perhaps Dr. Lee could arrange for some nice gentlemen in clean white coats, to take this killjoy to a nice hotel with 3 inch thick padded wallpaper, and hot and cold running sedatives. Rock on Doc.

    • Read on fellow popper.
      Here is a quote from Dr. Lee on her instagram, Dr. PimplePopper: So many of you are wondering why I haven’t uploaded any videos on YouTube recently. I’m so sad to tell all of you that my video “Big Back Blackheads” has been flagged as inappropriate. Someone has reported it as having “sexually provocative content” and that “violent, graphic, or humiliating fetishes aren’t allowed”. I completely don’t understand this and am saddened by it. It doesn’t make much sense but it is out of my control. Sorry, guys but because of this, my entire YouTube channel may be disabled for two weeks (I’ve appealed this and am awaiting a reply).
      As you know, I’m a physician, not a professional YouTuber, so I’m new to this social media stuff. I’m just here doing this because it makes me happy to see so many people enjoying my videos and learning what it’s like to be a dermatologist, and you learn about skin issues along the way! Hopefully, you learn about how to take care of your skin from my videos and they make you less frightened to visit a dermatologist. Skin exams are important!
      If any one has any advice on how to fix this, please let me know.. You can email me at popaholicsunite@gmail.com. ☺️Thank you so much for all your love and support. I hope I will be able to bring Pops and Mr Wilson back to you soon, popaholics! #popaholicsunite #drpimplepopper

  • I would kind of worry that my skin would scar by her using her little knife. Also I think she can be quite forcefull at times if nothing comes out where she has cut.

  • I’m glad to see that Dr Lee is back but I have to say that in order to get this close to my eye with a needle and that little knife of hers, she’d have to put me in a straight jacket first and tie me down to the chair.

    And I’d probable find a way to escape yet.

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