Huge Boil Drained

Huge boil that never ending pus flow. I just wish they had finished it off.
YT Poster: Chris Whyt
Run Time: 5:07

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  • 9-1-1 ???? Or am I missing something (other than sticking the tweezers in her leg then the garbage can and back into the wound repeatedly?) Should make for an interesting stump after amputation….. That is definitely hospital quality wound material or am I wrong? Looks pretty bad and I’m no health care worker…..

    • Not 911 worthy or even emergency room. This isn’t an emergency. Really, really high fever, passing out, going into shock would make this ER worthy.
      There is nothing wrong with using tweezers this way. The wound is gushing out, not in. Pulling out the fibrous plugs with the tweezers, whether they touch the garbage or not, will not cause new infection. new Infection can only go in once the gunk is out or on the edges of the wound and surrounding skin.
      Poor thing seems traumatized. Some people freak out at seeing themselves bleed, or vomit, or have massive amounts of sick-people-juice coming out of a very painful wound. Can’t handle it. I think a different person would be able to use their fingers or use running water to keep the fluid flushing out so things might go along faster.
      Though it’s full, obviously painful and very infected. This just needs to be drained regularly as the fluid builds up (usually with a thorough flush at the doctor’s office and some packing material replaced every few days), something to help the inflammation, something for pain, and a treatment with an antibiotic relevant to that kind of infection.
      It’s a pretty straight-forward wound. No stumps predictable at this point. Green juice and black skin mean stump-possible.
      Since this appears to be on the leg, the leg will probably need to be kept up to help blood pressure in the leg and keep the lymph fluids moving to speed up healing.
      Drinking lots of fluid to replace everything that’s been sucked out of her body and squeezed into this wound.
      I know, it looks horrible. This is an advanced, infected wound, but it is not life-threatening as we see it here as long as it’s flushed, washed, and kept draining. Honestly, antibiotics would only be a booster here. Her immune system seems to be working just fine. You’ll hate this , but getting in there to clean out the gunk (I think running water directly into the wound would be easiest followed by gently pulling out any plugs or solid matter still left in there, washing it with a saline (salt water) solution to clean it and inhibit bacteria (bacteria don’t like salt and your body fluids are salinic already), put something absorbable over it, tucking it into any holes, moistening the absorbent stuff slightly and cover with another bandage. You could just keep replacing the absorbent stuff a couple of times per day washing it with saline each time, and the infection will clear up, and the wound will start to heal. With something like this, you don’t want the skin to seal closed if the wound is deep, so you’d keep stuffing gauze in there until the infection is gone and you can see healing deep inside, therefore – no stitches either.

      • I personally think it needs more than just reaming out. She needed a doctor to clean that out and not **** around with it, pack it, and at least send a big ol’ shot of abx into her butt.

        If she has that many fibrin plugs, it’s been there for a while. It needs some major cleaning out that those tweezers won’t get done.

  • Repost, but it’s still an epic abscess. And yes, she should have gone to the ER to have that dealt with. It needs a GOOD I&D, then packing, a big ol’ shot of abx in her butt and 10 days’ worth of pills.

    Wonder what her stump is going to look like? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Great vid, but I kept having the impulse to grab those tweezers and just gently compress that area around the boil. Frustrating in a way. Hope she’s better now.

  • This is listed as a boil, but are you sure it is a boil and not a pretty good abscess infection? I have been wrong twice in my life, 🙂 , so I could be wrong this time, but it looks to me like an abscess, and a deep one at that.

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