**Warning: a bit of astonished cursing in this vid**
Technical: Preaural sinus expression? Oxidized sebaceous?
Not so technical: What was being squished by all that stuff that is no longer squished? And how much astonishment and fear for your life do you have to get through before you pick up the camera and start recording what might have been your last moments? Because, I’m pretty sure that last bit could have been the end and eeeeverything came rushing out.
Dark matter to go with the grey matter? Hatchlings ready to start their new lives?
I’d have to say, I’m not sure I would want this to be me or be popped by me.

YT Poster: stacy odems
Run Time: 1:38

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  • This is like CRAZY!! In my younger days, my boyfriend had a sort of similar thing, the hair got stopped up in a hole near his ear (hey maybe it started out as a pore of winer!!) and I started squeezing and a nutty amount of hair came out. He also had a cyst in his cheek that when it “acted up” he could squeeze and it would shoot across the room. THOSE were the days, my friend, those were the days…

    aye chihuahua baby!!

  • It looks like it’s in the right spot to be a pre-auricular sinus, and the stuff in it may be so dark because of a combination of oxidation and melanin in the skin cells that are part of what he extruded…

    • I agree. The pre-aural sinus is pretty big too. There’s lots of room to store stuff like this.
      Fella knew this was there for quite some time, but if it was packed into his sinus (empty space in the skull structure) he might not have know there was this much in there.
      I noticed he has acne, but it didn’t look like cystic acne. He may just have gotten very used to not picking at his skin and if he’s prone to keloids, face picking is a scary process.
      We’ve seen lots of body cysts that people have had for ages and ages that finally get a head on them one day and they go to town. I think this is one of those.
      If it doesn’t hurt, isn’t causing problems, or is too terrifying to deal with, people won’t go to the doctor. This looks like a slow-grower.

  • I`d comment negatively on the dude`s personal hygiene- but the offal in the sink and the alien that was living in his face has spoken far more eloquently than I could ever express.

  • Come on now. I’m sorry but no matter what, these people never cease to amaze me when they allow **** like this to grow on their face. Its not his ear, its on his face and it HAD to be there for a long time. So I will be the bad guy(woman) to comment on his hygeine, **** Dude, Im not saying that this happened because of hi lack of hygeine, but I am saying that he definitely had to have noticed it a while ago. by the color of this discharge, theres no way this thing just appeared. So GROSS how people let this **** grow on them then act like they are surprised that they have a golf ball growing out the side of their head.

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