Lint or colony?

Oh Dear
This person has not been cared for recently or often before this vid.
Dead skin and oil tucked into wrinkly bits turn sticky-black.
Dead skin and oil languishing in a belly button breeds….contempt?
YT Poster: blackhead
Run Time 5:14

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  • I’ve watched a lot of these videos, but this one was sickening. That could not happen if you bathe regularly. Can’t even imagine how bad that must have smelled. Disgusting.

    • This IS definitely a hygiene issue that the individual needs assistance and/or eduction.

      I almost fainted when the belly button was spread apart revealing wet scrambled egg looking material. BUT, there was dirt and grime in other folds of the stomach.

      How very very, very sad!!! I hope they clean up.

  • I agree with everyone above!! OMG! I was squirming in my chair the whole time watching this! Plus, I get nervous and squeamish about the idea of anything picking around or in my belly botton……eeeeewwwww!!!! It creeps me out!! This was a great and gross video! LOL!Thanks for posting!

  • To me it almost looks like this person recently had surgery or something. Although I don’t really see fresh scars, they’re very carefully, gingerly picking at the area and it just looks…odd….

  • That was pretty gross no matter how you slice it…. You would at least expect to see a 4×4 and a peroxide swab getting the crusty funk out of there…. putting the glop on her is really sick….

  • I think that this person was not cared for in a nursing home or something. This is definitely a case of elder abuse, because it is obvious that he/she was not bathed, or allowed to bath. It is very sad to see an elderly person in this condition.

  • By the looks of the skin, it seems to be an elderly pertson? The person removing the so called lint could of used alcohol, peroxide, water, etc, to wipe the folds of the skin instead of picking at the small pieces.
    The person could of put the lint on something else besides the person. Most likely he or she will be bathed anyway,
    Nice find Genacyst

  • Normally, I feel contempt for dirty people- but in this case I suspect the patient is too old or too disabled to clean themselves. When that navel was opened by those forceps to reveal even MORE “egg yolk”, I almost gasped for joy! I think the forceps was too fine of a gauge to be really effective, but hey- I got my Med license from a mail-order school in Moldova, so I could be wrong! That was an excellent post. Thanks to poster!

  • i love belly button gunk videos, and this one was awesome! but they could have used something to wipe the gunk out, instead of picking at it, i agree. and the smell! oh lordy imagine the smell! (i am one of those people who have to sniff things…i’m gross, i know)

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