Armpit Zit

Ouch! A pimple is popped in a sensitive spot
YT Poster: Zorion
Run Time: 5:49

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  • If you are a decent looking woman with medium *****, life is EZ mode, you hear them? light pressure bla bla.
    I smashed my finger today then got yelled at for bleeding on the floor, worked all day with electric tape around toilet paper & got stitched after work, and I am far from a tough guy

    • Obviously, she wore the boob-revealing top to help her pretense appear more truthful, her pus – even more effective, her bouncing – 3X more. However, the squeezing could have been more effective using pliers and a sledgehammer DUUUUHHHH..HAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!!

  • What is going on with all the cynical BS? Just because you get tingles with things jiggle doesn’t mean it happened for your sake.
    What is wrong with you new people? Take that stuff to YouTube with all of the other flammers.
    But I digress….
    I see so many vids, I can’t remember where I’ve seen them. Who cares if they’re reposts? Some of us have been around here for years – hundreds, nay thousands of vids between here and other sites.
    I have to say, I LOVE armpit infections like this. They are so tempting, but they are so painful! You get all kinds of colors and textures. Maybe a little fibrin action. So good.
    Does anyone else think this might be hydradenitis supporviva?

  • this s just a guess, but I think that that’s Zit is a infected ingrown armpit hair.

    You can tell that she shaves her armpits and some time shaved hairs will curl back under the skin and also get infected, which I think has happen here.

  • Men, not everything is for your sexual pleasure. Good pus. Pretty good infection. Warm compresses & slathering on antibiotic ointment cover w some gauze. That should heal it.

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