This is just brutal. A cautionary vid.

***WARNING***NOT for sensitive viewers.
YT Poster: СhV
Run Time: 1:46
This is a procedure done by possible medical professionals draining an infection caused by a wisdom tooth. The drainage is done from the outside along the jaw line.
There are graceful ways to create and incision to allow a large pocket of infection to drain.
This is not graceful.
I might suggest that this technically accurate (incision, drain, clean it a bit, put a bit of tube in there to keep the wound open so it can continue to drain. But honestly, it looks like there might be some items from the hardware store in play. It’s upsetting. But enjoy anyway, ok?

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  • I watched this once on youtube a while back. I was totally shocked by the brutality of it. That poor, poor patient is going to suffer so much more than necessary after being assaulted like that. I know post procedure they would have pain, but not like this technique will cause.
    Graywolfe66, I thought the same thing and then giggled when I realise how much I have learned from watching these videos… I feel I could have done a better job here.

  • This had to have been terribly painful prior to this surgery, but the surgery was brutal.. Looks like a total hack job to me. Very scary! You have to take care of your teeth first all, and then seek qualified professionals to handle things such as this. I hope he/she has recovered.

  • Let’s first off not blame the patient for the infection. Impacted wisdom teeth are the fault of cultural evolution (our diet affects our jaw development and leads to crowding of teeth) and dental hygiene does not necessarily impact the impacted teeth (no pun intended). Having had abscesses drained the other way (through the gum and palate), I might have gone with this method. It is technically correct if not horrifyingly executed procedure and we care not witness to the final suturing up of the drains, packing, and bandaging. The final closure is several weeks away and it has to be left open first to the drain and packing and then the packing so it will heal from the inside out. You do not want this to heal and leave a pocket. The bone is already reabsorbed due to the abscess (see the large black area of the right corner of the panoramic x-ray) and can easily be reseeded with infection. Bone will hopefully refill sufficiently over time.

    I am not a dentist or oral surgeon but due to genetics, childhood ****** trauma, Sjogrens and lupus, I am no stranger to the dental chair in spite of being fastidious about my teeth and getting fantastic care. I am currently enjoying a maxillary bone infection and really wish I could have videoed when my gum ruptured on Saturday… glorious green viscous pus…

  • That tubing does look like it came from Home Depot, but it was used in surgeries and other medical procedures for decades before it became widely available for it’s many other uses. The same thing happened with the Dremel. It’s based off of dental and surgical tools. Veterinarians use them in the field for large animals as they are light weight and portable, and especially now that they are cordless. Also, dentists who visit nursing homes use Dremels to make adjustments on dentures on site instead of pulling people to their offices all the time. Podiatrists use Dremels as well in their offices for foot care, mostly for nails on diabetic patients.

  • Wow. Dual exhaust!

    I am no stranger to pain, and am intimately acquainted with how one is willing to agree to anything offered by a doctor which may or may not deliver great relief in either the short or long term. I do hope this person is now okay!

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