Let’s Rock and Roll!

A treat for our newer subscribers – I thought it would be fun to revisit this mirror-squirting oldie but goodie!
YT Poster: CAhairstylist’s channel
Run Time: 5:11

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  • All I can think of is that unlike a lot of the places that the videos are shot, the place is spotless and then the squirter purposefully spreads pus, blood, germs (I. Can. See. The. Germs.) all over that beautiful bathroom where apparently a child bathes.

    It was a blood bath. In both senses.

  • What an utter filthy swine, No respect for his own surroundings, would you invite this pig to your home. This cess pit on legs wants hosing down. “and the pig got up and slowly walked away”.

  • Meh! White Wall Whimps! In a very clean bathroom like that, it is very easy to clean very well. You might as well get pissy about people who pop bubbles with their bubble gum, sneeze and cough, and don’t wash their hands and touch anything. You can’t touch your door knob, your mailbox, a shopping cart much less the fresh tomatoes at the market, without getting the same or worse.
    Really dirtying up a person, place, or thing, is a precious treasure to OCD’ers like me.
    The miracle of bleach.
    The magic eraser.
    The specially made tiny brushes used for cleaning crevices between tiles.
    Clorox wipes!
    Bring me blood and junk! Bring me muddy shoes and paws! A moldy loaf of bread! A dropped jar of pasta sauce! And then get out of the way so I can clean that Sh** up with enthusiasm.

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