Nose full of Blackheads, he’s baaaaack

Dr Y is back. Some of these babies are like a cobra swaying out of a basket.
YT Poster: Vikram Yadav
Run Time: 3:46

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  • i’m sorry no disrespect it rally could have been a great video but he likes tease us he had giant blackheads on that nose and he picks the scrawny one then he hardly ever use the other larger hole of his extractor this video is the most he has ever used it! Come on Doc stop the teasing and give us more then 4 mins plzzzzz,

  • He is so frustrating to watch! throw away the coke measuring spoon, stop talking so much, stop wiping the patient with your finger.
    buy a go pro
    buy Dr. Lee’s tool
    shut the **** up

  • I’m sorry but this Dr. doesn’t seem like he is too worried about sanitizing. I rarely see him using gauze, he wipes the pus & keratin away with his fingers. And not for nothing but what kind of a person lets these black-heads fill up like that on their face? I don’t care what ANYONE says. theres no way on earth he washes his face on a reg basis. Bottom line.

    • The American notion of sanitation is over done and often extremely unnecessary. Don’t get me started.

      You are incorrect. A person who washes their face, hands, and other bits can develop solar comodones. You know you can’t wash away a zit with soap and water. Once the pore is opened and oxidizes, it turns hard on the surface. As contents fill up behind, the hard part pushes the pore open wider and wider.
      Like ALL of the extractions we see, pressure needs to be applied to get the contents out and “sticky” zits (ala Sandra Lee) take some tenacity.
      People live up to the expectation of their peer group. Lots of elders tolerate warts, comodones, scars, discoloration, etc. because it’s not an issue of concern.
      There is no reason comodones like these need to be removed. I have a feeling Dr. Yadav pulled this guy from his neighborhood to make the video because zit videos are so popular.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy would only let the doc do a few, especially if it hurt, was embarrassed, or thought it was a stupid thing to do.

      • Several Indian folks shared that info with me(non-racist) and said was one reason why they moved to America! I submitted simply factual data, not racist data…if one thinks there’s no filth associated with facts shown in above URL, then consider you lick lick lick the floating poo in which you see them bathe, drink, snort 😛 Also, they developed incense mainly intended to overcome the smell of Ganges turdoids…HA

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