Extra Long Blackhead

Video from Dr. Acne Killer some nice blackheads removed with extraction tool.One extra long one.
YT Poster: SkinTrends -The Acne Authority
Run Time: 4:30

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  • xxxxxxx FRUSTRATING !!!! I can not understand why some of these people squeeze a blackhead only partway out, and then break it off by wiping at it ! The ONLY person that I can watch is Dr. Lee. She is the best at getting almost every one she squeezes, totally out.

    • Yes Dr.Lee does an excellent job,but I love to watch Josefa Reina more actually she just does not post as many extraction videos. Josefa has a needle then squeeze technique that is mesmerizing, well, to me anyways.

      • Ever since seeing Josefa work…. I always think the same thing, NO one seems to be as gentle, OR as effective! I’m impressed with Josefa.. I’d love to see more people study whereever she did, for skin care!

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