Spider Bite on Face

One of my favorite spider bite oldies. I feel bad for his pain.
YT Poster: alohadarci
Run Time: 5:32

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  • Woow, I loved this oldie. I remember being so hyped hearing the star wars music play in the background while hes pulling that worm out haha! Is the vid of him filming her squeeze hers on the site as well? I remember it being pretty good too.

  • I love spider bites. Sorry dude, but I love spider bites.
    The editing was nice – no gagging or whining without action happening.
    That’s fibrin, children, when you see a white wad of stuff dangling, but not coming out, grab a kleenex and pull on it.
    I’m gonna watch it again.
    BTW – you do not have to see a doctor because of a spide bite unless you notice a spread of the infection – red streaks going away from the wound, fever, chills, etc.
    Other wise, it’s OK to keep draining it at home.
    Best to flush it with some betadine or hydrogen peroxide. (turkey baster, ear bulb, syringe without the needle)
    Don’t let it close until it’s all drained. If the skin heals closed and there is still pus and infection inside, it will just keep reinfecting.
    Swollen doesn’t mean full of pus, necessarily. A cold pack will reduce the swelling of the area around the opening.
    For pain, acetaminophen, for swelling pain, an NSAID.
    Change bandages as needed.
    Wash your hands before and after getting near the wound.
    Drink a lot of water. Don’t consume alcohol for at least a week.
    At one point, there will be a big empty hole in your face. Once the infection is drained and the wound is clear, swelling around the wound will go down and eventually the would will heal closed. Keep it covered. Use your favorite antibacterial ointment. Don’t poke at it too much and leave the scab alone for at least a week.

    • Not to get picky as you offer good advice but Spider bites should be eyeballed with or without over signs of local infection as their bites can cause necrosis- death to tissue – not by infecting directly like say a cat bite. Infection goes occur but that is often overgrowth of your own skin flora not that is not dangerous. In wounds I advise sterile saline (easily made recipes on the Internet) rather than hydrogen peroxide as it causes local blood and other cells to lyse or burst ( the bubbles and warmth from the chemical reaction) and therefore doing local damage. It in an infecticide but can do damage. Betadine is fine as long as you are sure the person has no allergies as it is cross reactive to those with shellfish and iodine allergies. It is good advice to leave the wound open but that can best be done so by packing with sterile packing striping and sterile saline and to get to all the little loculations, the skin should be incised, explored and drained by a doc or trained mid level provider. It is also important to monitor one’s temp and report symptoms such as rash and body aches. And one unhappy thought. There are colonies of brown recluse at least as far East as PA

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