Oh Nanny, that looks baaaaad

This video starts after the work has already begun, but you probably won’t feel bad you missed that part. It’s rather long too, but there’s a lot of work to do. Quite impressive.
This is a nanny goat that developed an infection (mastitis) in it’s udders. Multiple udders. All infected. The vet is helping out with draining the infection. The nanny is awake during the process.
Any mammal (feeds it’s young with milk) can get mastitis. Think of that when you hug your mom.

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    • Seriously? You’re giving advice on English? You seem to have a little problem with contractions yourself. Someone disses your video and you attack them?

      You wrote:
      “Any mammal (feeds it’s young with milk) can get mastitis.”
      It should be “its young” – no apostrophe.

      Same thing here – you wrote:
      “This is a nanny goat that developed an infection (mastitis) in it’s udders.”
      “It’s” is the contraction for IT IS. You got it wrong again.

      An apostrophe isn’t a warning that an S is coming. Go get yourself a dictionary and come back when you can write a coherent sentence. When you’ve got that mastered, then feel free to criticize others.

  • And suddenly everyone starts giving a **** about grammatical correctnes and spelling on the world wide web.

    Half *** unsanitary job?
    I would think, that the use of sterile gause and saline solutions are restricted to human use in some areas of the world.
    It’s a bloody goat, filled with all kinds of interesting pathological microbes, living outside, if you wanted more treatment, I’m sure that a step up from incision and drainage (wich by the way is the correct procedure for an abcess, antibiotics are often not needed) would be an incision including the carotid arteries and the jugular veins.

    • Genacyst is the one who started the whole thing with the grammar/spelling correctness – you have nothing to say about him/her? S/he spent a whole day working up a steam about a critical comment on his/her lame video, then came back and made a CHILDISH attack on the poster with anything s/he could conjure up. I’ve stepped in puddles that aren’t as shallow as either of you.

      • Well, thank you for that. Just because I dislike that people continue down the path of grammatical debate, I am shallow? Or, is it because of my conservative view on how to treat animals in third world coutries? Did I directly support genacysts puny attempt at a comeback? Why should I support someone else doing the exact same thing towards him/her?
        Who am I to judge people based on a few lines written on the internet?
        English is my 2nd or 3rd language, depending on where I spend my time, you must have me excused if I missed some points, puns or finesse somewhere in the debate.
        I will however maintain my point of view: That goat got stellar treatment, considering where it is. That was what I tried to explain in the post I have written above.

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