Oh Dear Little Hamster

WARNING! This is a procedure done on a tiny, helpless creature. If you just said “awww” aloud, you might not be up for watching this.

Dwarf Hamster + partially shaved for no apparent reason + stumbling around sedated
And then we get to the medical part, but it’s not blood and gore, it’s just one of things that makes you wish all creatures have opposable thumbs.

YT Poster: Kong Yuen Sing
Run Time: 7:14

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  • Oh wow. Extremely rough handling, considering those little guys die if you look at them wrong. Also, how was he sure he wasn’t just shoving stuff down its throat?? I kept thinking a small spoon would have worked better and been less brutal. I bet it died.

  • I know this was posted a really long time ago, but I was just thinking, don’t you think a tiny spoon would have done a better job than forceps? More gentle, less chance of injury. Those pinchers just looked brutal!

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