Draining A Nice Cyst!!

Some nice pops and tons of “gunk” coming from this one. Enjoy!!!

YT Poster: Charles Maynard
Run Time: 5:17

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  • Wow! What a runny mess! Very interesting.
    A lot of back cysts we see are mature, chunky things with enough liquid to catch someone in the face if they’re not careful. This had so much fluid and so little thickness. I think it must be at a very early stage but even then, if you compare the amount that came out with the small size on the inside (when they poke the mosquito forceps inside to knock out any pockets) the pressure must have been pretty high.
    Kudos for the patient who didn’t wait until the bump resembles an alien life form!
    Kudos to the Med Professional who got it, squished it, packed it, and got out.
    I really like the chunky soup cysts, but this is good.
    Back skin is so tough and thick, it’s nice to see a different kind – smaller and liquid, but deep and too much for DIY.

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