Abscess Lance Procedure

Holy COW — Or horse. This vet has his hands full. This is a medical procedure performed on an animal and the vet uses ANESTHETIC! And SHAVES the area!! And uses SOAP!! A tiny bit of blood at first….and then WOW! No audio, but all 15:38 are filled with gunk — I believe that’s the technical term. You won’t be disappointed.

YT Poster: Sarah Thomas
Run Time: 15:38

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  • WOW!!! This is the best animal video I’ve seen. The vet taking the time to make sure the horse’s procedure was pain free is a first for me to see. I’ve always wondered why a vet would not use numbing meds has perplexed me.
    Great find!

    • Short answer…
      Body Juice and Pus Plugs!
      Better answer:
      I think the fluid is serous fluid a.k.a. Body Juice. I think the chunks are fibrin.

      Serous fluid is what makes your insides wet. It’s in your tissues and between your organs just keeping everything sliding against each other and conducting electrical impulse, chemical messaging from one part of the body to another.
      In big bubbles like this, it’s possible that the animal was kicked by another. There was no crush wound causing a bruise or only a very minor one. There was no break in the skin surface to let in bacteria to cause an immune system reaction.
      The area started to swell up as the body sends serous to the area for padding. It keeps going and going stretching the tissue around it really thin as it tries to contain the fluid. Eventually, the body would re-absorb this fluid. Sometimes nature needs a hand and it’s freaky to have a big floppy, fluid bubble hanging loose on skin, so people pierce the bubble to drain the fluid so the body can get the insides to stick together again.

      Fibrin is what holds your wet insides together. It’s a kind of protein/glue. When a body gets a large, wet cavity full of fluid that keeps expanding, at some point, the body decides things have stretched too far, the stretched tissues are getting too thin, so it sends in fibrin. It’s sticky. It coats the inside of the bubble and keeps building up on itself trying to reinforce and close up/shrink the big bubble from the inside causing the body to absorb the fluid instead of tearing open the body.
      We’ve seen fibrin in a lot of videos where there is a plug of whitish tissue that’s pulled out and a river of watery pinkish-grey pus floods out behind it. It’s the same situation. The body notices a big, wet hole caused by a pore or wound filling up with infected fluid.
      The kid who didn’t wash his neck for 2 weeks who had white strings blocking the opening from time to time.
      The guy at the doctor whose armpit is punctured and the doc keeps pulling out clumps that make the pus flow fast and free whose wife was in awe and envy.
      That’s fibrin.
      A (healthy) body will use one’s immune system to kill the bacteria and reabsorb all of the pus, but stretching your immune system like that is uncomfortable – fevers, pain, swelling – and it’s hard on your body and scares people who are worried about their bodies doing painful things without permission.

      Most of us in the US don’t have the patience to go through a natural healing process and use shortcuts like antibiotics instead of your own immune system, ointments, bandages, and stitches to close wounds without much of a scar, and anti-inflammatories and pain relievers to ease discomfort.
      Really, though, a big skin infection is kind of like a cold. If you let it run it’s course, you’ll get better. Take care of the wound, help along the body that is working so hard to heal (eat, drink, sleep well, take a break from too much doing), and natural immunity will take care of a lot of things. I promise. You won’t die if someone pulls out your splinter with rusty tweezers, unless you haven’t had a tetus shot in which case, your neurological system will go haywire…bad example.
      If someone with dirty fingernails or even a doctor without betadine, or a beautician does something funky that makes pus, serous, or blood come out of a body, that person will not die from bacterial infection. Pus, blood , and serous are flowing out. Anything that touches what’s coming out will flow out too. A real concern is things like cuts that are open (wash with soap and water is a suitable start), punctures into the skin (slivers, tattoos, piercings, etc) that bring bacteria along that gets trapped inside the wound (mostly from people picking at their new little ostomies re-opening the wound and interfering with natural healing.)
      Even if you poke the inside of your mouth with a toothpick that previously held a chicken salad slider that was in the sun too long, you’ll heal without medicine. Guz you’re king of the beasts, baby.

  • Top of the heap when it comes to vet vids. Doc numbed this one up because he knew he was going deep. Most livestock (I was raised on a dairy farm, and we had horses) would shake off something like a barbed wire or a nail cut no problem. Unless it was on the lower legs. That was a whole other set of issues.

    But a 1″ deep cut anywhere above the knees that didn’t involve the eyes, neck, or genitalia was no big deal, unless it got infected.

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