Acne Treatment

This acne treatment looks like it could leave some scarring…

YT Poster: 陳小菲
Run Time: 1:12

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    • Just saw a video of dr Sandra Lee using those. She called them blackhead tweezers. She said they were better at picking up extracted plugs but the the regular extractor was faster.
      I didn’t see her ever poke the cysts with with the point n but it seems that is to open a hole in the top of each cyst to be able to extract the contents similar to dr lee usine a blade to knick cysts while others use needles or lasers

  • Wth, It certainly does look as though he has enough scars and this does not look like it will benefit him. And it looks painful as well. I hate it when so called medical ‘professionals’ take advantage of people. This makes me mad.I just hope he finds a different way to get help with his acne.

  • Of you look at these videos they all have horrible scars. The technique isn’t good at all but it’s not so horrible as to leave such horrible scars so I’m confused lol. There are some using lazer but they still poke & squeeze. That’s even worse.

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