Someone Call Infectious Disease Control!

A disturbing example of how to spread infection on a patient’s face. This is a ‘what not to do’ pimple popping video.

YT Poster: Dr. GuruS2
Run Time: 10:49

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  • I could stand to watch less than a minute of this. The peck and pick technique, bare hands and fingernail pressing have me totally skeeved out. My mellow has been seriously harshed!

  • Alarmist and ignorant.
    There is nothing in this video that is explicitly harmful. A spit shine after? Yes. But you don’t see the prep or the after care.
    The world must be terrifying to you if people with so many people walking around without sterile gloves on. I know I’m being kinda ****** about this, but your expectation of cleanliness when someone removing someone’s bodily fluids is way off.
    If you touch a mosquito bite, smooth lotion on someone’s sunburn, pick up a used tissue, sip from another’s water glass, you will not die. You probably won’t get sick either. And you might even have the common sense to wash your hands if you want, but you don’t have to. You’ll still be OK. That’s why you have an immune system and haven’t died yet.
    How do you pop your own zits? Maybe with your fingers. This isn’t different than that.
    You may get a sliver that becomes infected and when you pull out the sliver, you see blood. The infection isn’t spreading into the blood, the blood is the body’s way of fighting foreign objects and infection. You WANT to see blood if there’s an infection. Whatever the sliver is made of isn’t going to kill you quickly.
    SO why are you weirded out by seeing someone’s hands when you are also looking at dead tissue, infected fluid, blood, sebum, and keratin? You’re afraid of the hands?
    I’m really tired of the ignorance. Have an opinion with abundance but recognize the medical facts and research that you don’t understand.
    If you want surgically sterile videos, they are out there. Check out an appendicitis, a gastric bypass, draining of fluid from the brain. Knock your socks off. Or do cranial drills upset you? Maybe you’re not keen to watch a surgeon reach into someone’s gut and pull out intestine inch by inch to check out the whole system for injury and then stuff the whole thing back in there when they’re done. My friend had a surgery where they had to pull his eyeball out of his head to work on it, then pop it back in once they were done. There are videos of that procedure too.
    Understand that most of the videos you see here are amature, but in the majority the are not unsafe. And you also only see part of the procedure. You don’t see the whole prep. You don’t see the whole cleanup. Assuming that neither happened because you didn’t see it is, well, stupid.
    I’m starting to think there’s a bit of racism to it too since many of you get weird whenever the popper or poppee don’t appear to be of European descent and then you make an effort to comment on the unsanitary perception of the vid when you tend to keep it to yourself when it’s someone white-ish.
    You long timers have seen enough vids with technical information to know better that to whine about someone popping a zit without gloves, but some of you do it anyway. I don’t understand.
    Someone please go read up on wilderness survival medicine and learn the essentials on what will and what will not cause further injury and infection. I beg you.
    Go snipe on YouTube with the other plebs. You’ll find friends, meet new people, and have a whole cadre of folks to freak out with.
    Learn, please. This site is pretty entertaining, but maybe learn something from it?
    Even if you only see this as entertainment, ask yourself – do you get all skeeved out because The Exorcist depicts demonic sputum enough to write someone about it? The Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man’s innards cover a huge section of a densely populated city?
    Goodness…y’all make me nuts sometimes which puts me in good company with you I guess.
    Please learn something about the technical stuff you comment on BEFORE you judge it as wrong or bad. It will be good for you. I promise.

    • The issue IS the popper potentially having unclean hands. Blood is NOT the body’s way of fighting infection. If the popper’s hands are unclean, that bacteria CAN get into the blood and cause infection. When you are opening the skin like this, I would hope the patient is on some sort of antibiotic to prevent infection. It’s good hygiene practice for the popper to wear gloves when extracting someone else’s whiteheads and blackheads. Sure, the popper could have washed their hands before hand, but we don’t know the steps prior to and after the extractions. I have yet to see a real dermatologist “pop zits” without wearing gloves to protect the PATIENT from possible germ exposure.

    • Gosh, you’re so well informed and well read that you surely are familiar with The World Health Organization’s explicit directive on infectious disease control and wearing gloves. These are THEIR words, not mine:

      Medical gloves are recommended to be worn for two main reasons:
      1. To reduce the risk of contamination of health-care workers hands
      with blood and other body fluids.
      2. To reduce the risk of germ dissemination to the environment and
      of transmission from the health-care worker to the patient and
      vice versa, as well as from one patient to another.
      Gloves should therefore be used during ALL PATIENT-CARE ACTIVITIES that may involve exposure to blood and all other body fluid (including
      contact with mucous membrane and non-intact skin), during contact
      precautions and outbreak situations.

    • Wow! Genacyst- That’s the MOST awe-inspiring rant. I sincerely hope that releasing your insulting comments about your perception of my intelligence, racial tolerance, squeamishness and what all else has provided you relief.
      I have been a member of this site since it came on line.-back when Emilbus20 posted every single video, and trust me, there was not very much out there a decade or so ago. In all these years I have enjoyed so many great interchanges, cool videos and wonderfully gross medical procedures. I come back with regularity and have shown this site to all my friends and family. My obsession with gross medical procedures and pus have caused my husband to declare I’m a sick, zit-porn addict. Through it all, I’ve developed preferences. I’m not a fan of seeing children cry in pain. I love flying chunky pus, gooey infections and cysts. Don’t care for rivers of flowing pus or blood but I do adore blackheads in ears, Dr Vikram, Dr. Lee and the like. I absolutely love squealing teens who make cyst popping a group effort and couples who make messes of their bathrooms with flying pus. And yes, I don’t care for certain techniques some professionals use. I think we all know when zits are poked with pins and squeezed, blood will be present. Also, you can’t effectively clean under the nails, which can make sometimes microscopic scratches on the skin. We all carry staph bacteria at all times on our skin. I gave myself a nasty staph infection once just scratching my side with my own nail (I should have filmed the gnarly draining in the surgeon’s office). All you need is a portal. So yep, this video skeeved me. Simple as my own personal life experience.
      Or… Wait, maybe I’m a racist hater of Europeans. Just a squeamish, ignorant plebe. Yeah, that’s it. So thanks for setting me straight.

  • Oh for ***** sake, calm down guy. Anyway, this is the very wrong way to use a needle on skin. If you want the right way Josepha Reina is the way to go. She actually clears people face up good. These vids that are coming from some Asian country all have patients with ripped up, scab, scarred & marked up skin.

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