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Grandma gets popped

YT Poster: Valerie Wilson
Run Time: 3:48

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      • Actually, it looked like a nurse assistant at a nursing home. I am a retired Paramedic, and seeing the popper’s uniform, or how she is dressed, confirmed my thoughts on this.

        Either way, she did a great job popping this. There was no screaming, whooping, hollering, no one screaming that it was gross, or attempting to vomit!

        Great Video and Great Find POPWATCHINGRELAXESME!

      • Ok, I was wrong. Looking at YT, it was her mother who had the cyst. Still a great job popping it, though. How she had him pause it when she went to clean her hands, the sounds of it popping, even the sound of her finger popping…

        It was all great!

    • Oh no way. Dr Lee would use lidocaine so she could cut it open & get the whole cyst out. No way will the sac come out of that hole & there’s probably still stuff in it too. It’s just going to fill back up.

  • But, she needed to make a bigger hole, cut it a bit. When it comes spitting out bits that means it’s too small. Plus she’ll never get the sac out of that little hole so it will fill up again. She almost got it right.

    • one good thing about the hole being a bit too small is that you can use the pressure to your advantage. It helps to get more of the pus out fast, that is if you do it the right way which I think this lady did. Also its more fun to watch when it pops like that! but yes, for the lady with the cyst, a bigger hole would have been better.

  • This is one of the best ones ever! I love that type of cyst. The camera work is superb and the woman doing the squeezing did it correctly!! This is in my top 5!! Awesome job!!

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