Drilling for oil

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. A man cuts into an inflamed area of his chest while having a conversation with some kind of spectator, who’s totally into it. Once the incision is made, some type of oily substance, followed by some type of sebum. Just all around strange. Enjoy!

YT Poster: Sebum & Carbuncle
Run Time: 9:22

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  • Gosh, I remember this one from quite a while ago!! Excellent video although for some reason, it makes me queasy (and that VERY rarely happens). Maybe the fact that it’s an oil cyst or that the oil and pus mix together….in any event, still an awesome vid!!

    • I was thinking the same thing. I couldn’t watch this with the sound.
      I remember this guy having a lot of these cysts over and over so instead of going to the doctor, he started treating it himself.
      I can’t think of what this might be, Maybe it’s a special disease?

      • I agree Genacyst (cool id tho) I have never seen any kind of ‘sac’ like that. Almost looks like ingrown hairs, but not. Very strange.

  • Well, folks………THIS extremely dangerous, possibly-filled-with-infection amateur surgery is easily what waaaaaay too many of us Americans have to look forward to if you don’t have insurance, or it’s so expensive that you can’t afford to use it. My husband and I are losing our insurance (BC & BS….the MUTHER F’ERS) on Dec 31st. of this year and we get to slumming through the marketplace for a plan that will no doubt be prohibitively expensive if it’s the CHEAPEST *** they offer. I have a indescribably regretful, new understanding for people like these attempting self and home surgery. Our stations in life will be inarguably lowered adding to the HUGE, low-income demographic in this hopelessly f’ed up day & age. Remember…..if you have insurance, YOU HAVE A LUXURY, not what used to a given or even an EARNED coverage. More and more and more people are ending up LIKE US……..hope it’s not anyone reading this.

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