Boil On Butt Lanced

This guy had a huge boil and went to have it lanced in the ER only he didn’t expect to get the Dr from H=ll!!! This Dr is truly evil with a bedside manner to match, I felt so bad for the patient, he even states in the description that he believes that the Dr actually did it on purpose because he asked his girlfriend to record the procedure!!!!
YouTube username; Darrell Colon

Run Time: 6:10

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  • This video makes clear why you should 1) have a personal doctor who knows you and will treat as you as a human being instead of an animal, and 2) never go to the ER for anything short of true medical emergencies. Dear Lord! Please save me from whoever that sadist-with-a-scalpel was! Unfortunately that’s what you often get in an ER when you appear with a non-emergency case. Doesn’t make it right, and that doctor should be ashamed of his poor standard of care and concern for his patient.

    • Agreed!! I would hope this video got it’s way to the ‘hospital’ administrator along with “Sweeney Todd’s” info. and nasty attitude; can you imagine if we still lived in an era where your barber was your Dr. and dentist too. And you walked into this guys practice?

  • OMG, I watch the videos with the sound off because it upsets my dogs. So when I saw the Dr. shove the scissors back into that poor man’s backside, I was in shock. For heaven’s sake this was a s brutal as anything I’ve ever seen on this website. Poor guy, I bet he’ll never see that dr. again.

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