Huge Arm Abscess Squirts

Totally nasty abcess drainage!

YT Poster: S3V3N Shields
Run Time: 9:49

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    • yep, a weak, dumb-arse drug addict…
      after recording she grabbed the syringe, placed its needle into her pus puddle, sucked it in, re-injected for another opie-pus buzz

    • How do you propose a drug addict would inject the back outside of their arm into the muscle and get high? Who would put expensive drugs into their muscles when they have veins easy enough to get at.
      Just because you see a needle doesn’t mean it’s illegal drugs.
      Good grief, get some common sense, would ya?

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  • This girl is a drug addict. Syringe on the ground, totally infected arm, and they sort of panicked when they saw a car coming. She needs to be seen by a doctor for some antibiotics.

      • Actually (Genacyst) you’re the idiot, why call someone a name just because you don’t agree with them??? This girl is DEFINATELY a drug addict, anyone with common sense can pick up on that right away! 1)the contents are a brownish color which is common in an abscess of someone who uses heroin. 2) they’re using a syringe to break open the abscess AND if you listen you can hear the one girl say she’s going to pause the video so that no one sees what they’re using to lance the abscess. 3) people will inject anywhere on their body where they think they can get a “shot” off. 4) you can actually see other track marks if u pay attention.

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  • OhDear…y’all just don’t learn anything around here do you?

    Just because you see a needle, it does not mean a person is using illegal drugs.
    Just because you see an infected injection site, it does not mean illegal drugs were put into it.

    This is deep cellulitis (infected skin) caused by an injection. It is in the upper arm, deep in the muscle. Getting high is REALLY hard to do from a muscle injection. Total waste of money. If someone is that desperate to get high, they’d shoot up between their fingers and toes before going into their arm muscles.
    Come on guys, very few of you know much of anything of IV drug use, yet so frequently, you jump to “drug addict” if you see a needle. It’s called IV drug use because it is IntraVenous – into the vein, silly.
    There are other reasons to have injections.
    I give myself intramuscular injections of vitamins every other week. As careful as I am, I’ve gotten cellulitis. And no, you don’t have to run to the doctor if you’ve got cellulitis. Obviously, this person’s body is fighting hard. Even still, hands and skin tone look healthy which is not common in someone whose body gets poisoned on a regular basis. With an infection this significant, if she can drain it off, she could be OK. She’s got fresh blood in there cleaning up the infection.
    Most people run for antibiotics from fear or the ache and drain on the body fighting the infection is something folk don’t have time for, so they hop in with antibiotics.
    I also give myself sub-cutaneous (under the skin) injections of MS medication 3 times per week. I’ve gotten an infection once, more than a week after I injected in that spot.
    I get intramuscular injections in my arms and bum every few months. The needles are at least 1.5″
    Injections on the outer arm are almost always done by someone else, like a nurse.
    The only way I’m able to do arm injections is if I lean hard against a wall to bunch up skin to get a spot to inject and even then, it’s only subcutaneous and it’s only on the underside of my upper arm. It’s too hard to get a straight shot into my upper arm muscle with a 1.5″ needle. Coming in at an angle is not desirable.
    Even if everything is swabbed and cleaned before the injection and a bit of bandage goes on after, any break in the skin can lead to infection. You see that here ALL THE TIME.
    Infections from injections come from the skin surface, not from the injected fluid. Don’t assume that someone with an injection infection was injecting something bad. Poison doesn’t cause infection, it causes tissue death.
    Get off your high horses already. Keep it to zits and sway away from human commentary. Every time you jump to “illegal drug addict” without knowing ANYTHING but a few minutes of video you stop learning about causes, and treatments and how it’s happening.
    Start assuming I’m doing something illegal with all the needle sets I’ve got (by my bed, in my car, in my bag) around based on nothing else than you’re afraid of needles and I keep them around me, and you’ll miss out on a lot by assuming I’m doing something wrong instead of assuming there’s something wrong that I’m trying to take care of.
    Y’all wear me out sometimes.

    • Dude, I’m happy that you found a platform to talk about Your-Self (something I believe you Never have a problem doing). But, how often have You (yourself) run the gamut of injections in an ‘out-of-the-way’ squat in a parking lot? And, just how often have You (yourself) disregarded the safety and sterility of your own injectables by having them dropped on the Filthy Ground; where cars drive about, people walk by and disgustingly spat on the Ground, spilled an assortment of beverages on the Ground, a young couple in ‘love’, in a flurry of desire who could have easily flung a leaking birth-control method out-the-window right on that very Ground, animal (domestic or not) lifting their leg or equating on That very section of Ground… And if You are so (unlikely) correct in thinking that she may have a “condition” or possibly trying to bulk up for her next body builders’ competition, why would they need to make note of the fact that they need to “put that away” (mind you, it was tossed onto the other side of the curb with dirt, grass and what-not. Was that common practice in Your MANY injectable interactions? You are just fooling yourself (and Not convincing AnyOne else); and I must commend your being the voice for the underdog of this video, but seriously, watch if once or twice again and try to fill in the holes of your own dissertation. I most definitely hope you are feeling well and your MS is being managed (hopefully in a medical facility and Not an abandoned parking lot) and you are living a full and happy life. But most people who are legitimately ill hardly need to scurry to a vacant location and have a ‘look out’. And I Do hope You keep ALL of Your needles (as well as whatever it is your putting into you body) in a Safe, Out-of-the-way (so that they can’t be accessed by just Anyone) location(S) because there are Many people out there who would have No Problem breaking into your car or dipping into your bag (I’ll not Assume anything about your bedroom) just to swipe Your hefty supply of syringes/needs/’whatever else’.
      I will say that you are correct that ‘WE’ should just judge by what we see, but Damn, do You truly embody the idiom: “There’s none so blind as those who will not see?”. But then again, with the Global epidemic of Major health issues facing those who use/share/rinse-off needles, “WE”, unfortunately Do jump to conclusions (on SO so So many scenarios) that have been stigmatized as negative and/or bad behavior. I Personally (and I believe that I’m Not alone) believe that those two young ladies were and most likely Are shooting-up (Yes, DRUGS)! And, good on you for being comfortable enough to ‘Allow’ the rest of us to think You too are “doing something illegal with all the needle set you’ve got.” The first step is admitting there’s a problem… All My best to you; I hope you are and remain Healthy, Happy Always.
      ooooh, just one more thing: Do you look like a sprinkler when you drink water? You know, with So many needles being plunged into you!

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  • Actually, I’m a Registered Nurse in Seattle where there is a huge heroin problem. I’m a surgical nurse and work in the Operating Room of a large hospital. We get patients all the time who inject heroin into their muscles, rather than their veins, and they develop horrible abscesses. I’ve had 2 of these patients in the past month, and I am only one of around 40 nurses on our unit.

    Seems to me you are the one who thinks you know more than everybody else. You’re the one on a high horse, and you seem unnecessarily angry. Might want to work on that.

    • It appears @Pelliekins knows what they/re talking about. So @Genacyst (again) you don’t seem to know as much as YOU thought.Talk about your opening mouth and inserting foot, lol!!!

  • Am I the only person who noted the track marks on her forearm? I was watching this poor lady with such a huge infection …. and then I saw the marks on her other arm ….. and then, I couldn’t believe it – I believe I saw a syringe on the ground.

    So so sad. So so sad. God love her and have mercy.

  • Although a recent repeat, I wanted to add, as I see a lot of people saying this can’t be a drug addict due to location.
    My sister is a recovering addict and loves this site. She can assure you this is drug abuse. She was an IV abuser and has scars (and Hep-C) from infections just like this to remind her.
    Unless you’ve been there, don’t say it can’t be done.
    I do find it odd this girl can afford those pretty nails but not soap to wash her hands to avoid further infection.
    I don’t judge. It was a nice pus bomb. Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

  • What part of this video is not drug abuse? Filthy dirty crack head who should have asked her “back door Dr.” for some antibiotics…Would have cost her less than those fancy finger nails she had on… If she was injecting anything to treat a medical issue she wouldn’t have her needle laying on the ground, or treating this sitting on a curb………..

  • Now, Y’All know that the videographer was dying to get her hands on her friends arm. And she would have SquEEEzed that thing like she was playing for a stuffed animal at the ‘water-gun game’ at the fair.

  • Hey y’all! HOWDY! 😀 Awwwww such nice folks…so fair, bright, decent…wish I could hang out with y’all in a party…including Emilbus(an obviously nice guy).

    Now, Dear GENACYST…since you are 100% confident her arm infection excludes opioid injections: IT’S SAFE!!! You can

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  • By the way,Genacyst….if you aren’t deaf,you can also hear her say to her friend “se the black stripes in it,thats what infected in the first place”……..Black tar heroin is the drug who does this,and you say soooo sure in your self that she could have easily used a VEIN??????Are you…….?I am a former addict on methadone,and the only way for me to inject in a vein when i used for 30 years,was to inject in the femoral artery in the groin,since all my veins even on my neck was gone!In hospital i have to get a central line,as in central vein chatether,operated into a large vessel deep in my neck,done in a full surgical setting with full anesthethic package,as in completely under!!So do not be so effing sure on things you have no idea about!

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